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NFL's Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Kindly Asks Men To Stop Sending Him Naked Twitter Pictures [NSFW]

It's obvious that NFL and reality TV star Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is a fun-loving guy. But his taste for living on the wild side and his acceptance of Twitter requests from strangers may have given a few ballsy (pun intended) men the wrong impression. And now Chad is kindly asking his male Twitter followers to stop sending him pics that might be more at home on Grindr. 

"I think I'm overly friendly and accepting of ALL that some are mistaking my kindness as an opportunity to try me," he wrote. "I embrace and love all, but these are unacceptable."

The wide receiver went on to share a few examples of the things that land in his inbox, including these:

A few folks accused Chad's plea of being homophobic, which he patiently denied and assured that he loves gay people and just isn't interested in what he says is a flood of pictures similar to the two above. 

Unfortunately, by making this request, Chad's likely opened the flood gates for even more intrepid men to squat in a selfie before sending it his way!

What do you think of Chad's request?

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I agragree with chad

Moreover... why would you send bathroom shots to a celebrity .. The thirst is definitely. Real..

First of all... lets be honest (Im Gay), think of how many times on Jackd and Grindr have we had to continously tell someone that we arent interested? I feel that his response was respectful and tasteful. On the other hand, the thirsty hoes sending pics when asked not to is disrespectful and tasteless. Its situations like this that cause society to views us as hedonistic predators with no self control.
You woulda been in your feelings if he woudve called you nasty punk faggs like alot of str8s do. nded.

When the headline said "men" were sending him nudes, for some reason I was expecting full frontal, not that! LOL

(To Trigga Tre) - I am a proud gay black male and I COMPLETELY agree with you. Chad has a right to say NO Thanks. The pictures that are being sent are nasty and disrespectful rather from a guy or girl. If a man is straight then gay dudes should at least be respectful. There is nothing wrong with saying This is not my thing and No Thanks and STOP!!! We all have the right to say STOP IT!!! he was as respectful as he could be (To Doesn't Matter) he is not homophobic just honest. The problem is people cant be honest with us gays because we feel very attacked already (which is true) however if a straight man is telling you I don't mind gay people but stop sending nude pics then STOP sending ass shots. it's real simple. This is the type of behavior that makes the world believe we have no morals or boundaries. STOP IT!!! it incites more hatred and less tolerance.

People who say that he is homophobic don't truly understand what homophobia is. He never once berated the guys, used the word gay in a negative connotation. He simply said I'm not gay so if you could refrain from sending me ass naked photos I'd appreciate it. I don't think the request is that farfetched. Everybody has, once in life, declined a pass made at them by someone they weren't necessarily attracted to... This is essentially the same thing and is also a request of future followers not to do the same thing.

I find his commentary to be homophobic, I am quite sure that he has received just as many request from women who he may or may not have been interested in. To make public commentary regarding the males who have sent him pornographic messages, sends a very misinformed messaged to the public. He implies that his friendliness is specifically being taken for granted by gay men, and everyone else has been respectful and abiding. There is already  alarming stigmas that gay men are highly sexual beings who take interest in any man gay or straight, this commentary fuels straight men to feel insecure about maintaining healthy friendship,work relationships, or other forms of non sexual relationships with a gay males, as they may be vulnerable to being pursued in sexual acts, if he is so friendly and accepting  he should make this article more representative of the sexes and discuss his interactions with women and how he went to jail for domestic abuse, probably fueled by his aggression and frustration of being a closeted homosexual.

CHAD HAS EVERY RIGHT TO ASK FOR THIS TO STOP!  Not only that but he shouldn't have to!  This is sickening.  I'm gay and would not want this happening to me either!  Unless I get to hand pick who is doing the sending! ;)

Being a man the happens to be gay, i don't want us to take on other peoples embarrassing action as a example of how all gay men act... we know better then that. i know its hard not to take on other actions when we as men that happen to be gay get stereotype as only wanting sex, then a meaningful relationship but inside our self we have to know that it doesn't represent who you are or the gay community as a hole.My word are in responds to some peoples posts about their actions making us look bad, their action made them look bad not you or me or any body else but themselves    

If he doesn't like it he has a right to say stop it because if he doesn't they will continue to send them and that's just down right disrespectful come on have a little more class my fellow gay people.

WTF... I would like to assume that all people will be WISE and MATURE in 2014, but unfortunately that is asking too much... I think Ochocinco's request is highly respectable considering he is NOT gay! Geez, people like those two make it hard for the gay community to be taken seriously and to progress! The struggle to get where we are now in 2014 is real and for it to be ruined by IDIOTS sending nude pictures is classless. Grow up and have respect not only to others, but yourselves.

Leave the man alone if he intrested he will get at whoever he wants if not move around dummies !!

He has only made himself more desirable by politely making that request. And yes, people, please respect a man who respects us for who we are. Pimping your buttholes on his Twitter is just sheer shallow and degrades the image of other gay men who still know what good netiquette is.

Lmao they paid it!

First dont send pic out if you dont want them to be seen by the world.  Second:  this is Chad!  and these too not even basic looking queens... Why did they even think they would have an chance?  People should realize who they can and CAN NOT get.  

People should realise who they can and can not get??? How shallow are you???

Chad hasn't made anything worse, those who think it's ok to send random pics to a stranger and cry foul when they aren't appreciated are just idiotic at best... As a gay man, I find it extremely disrespectful and depraved....Learn to be a man who happens to be gay, instead of a gay man...figure that one out....

I think people need more respect for themselves. I agree with him. As a gay man, I don't want those pics! Keep that shit for someone asking for it. Stop disrespecting

How would us gay men like it if women were sending pics of their ass or vagina all the time? Same thing for him, he has said he doesn't have a problem with gay people. Leave it at that. Have some self respect. 

This is utterly disgusting!! Punks like this give the rest of us a bad reputation. 

God Almighty these men should be ASHAMED of themselves.  Don't be so damn thirsty. If Chad wanted to see your parts he'd ask.  He's clearly straight, leave him alone. Isn't it enough that he followed you back??

he's only made it worse

Give me a freaking break!!  Please explain your convoluted reasoning that has an ally being blamed for a problem he's a victim of?!?  I suppose you're one of the fools who think Chad's objecting to receiving these tasteless pix  homophobic  *I* wouldn't want them!  The ONLY problem here are the lack of self respecting whore bags sending tacky, unsolicited pix to someone who neither wants them, nor asked for them in the first place.  How embarassing!

Exactly how did he make it worse Jay?  He's basically asking nicely to stop sending make nude selfies. He coul be a real duck about it but he took the high road and was polite. So I don't get where you're coming from

Totally reasonable.

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