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Putin Explains How Gays AREN'T Being Discriminated Against In Russia; Admits Tchaikovsky Was Gay

Russian President Vladimir Putin still maintains that new anti-gay laws don't actually discriminate against gay people.

He spoke on the subject with The Associated Press:

President Vladimir Putin sought to ease concerns that Russia's new anti-gay law would be used to punish athletes who display rainbow flags during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, while insisting that gays are not discriminated against in his country.

"I assure you that I work with these people, I sometimes award them with state prizes or decorations for their achievements in various fields," Putin said in an interview with The Associated Press and Russia's state Channel 1 television late Tuesday. "We have absolutely normal relations, and I don't see anything out of the ordinary here."

He added that Russians love Tchaikovsky even though the composer was said to have been a homosexual. "Truth be told, we don't love him because of that, but he was a great musician and we all love his music," Putin said.

Putin offered to meet with members of the gay and lesbian community if they asked to see him.


It's fine guys. He gives gays prizes!!! Nothing to see here. 

And he loves Tchaikovsky...minus that pesky gay thing.




I don't understand why western people so paranoid about Russia? Because they believe what they see on TV? I have many friends in Russia, gays and lesbians. New law protects children from molesters, doesn't ban gays, LOL You have to read between the lines everytime you watch news. News are usually twisted to create anger against us, but we are the same people like you. Look at this video, when people are trying to tell the truth, FOX TV presenter is trying to interrupt them Now I start to believe in conspiracy ))

I don't get it. He has people arrested and tortured for being gay yet he says the laws don't discriminate against gay people. Doesn't make sense.

The next Hitler!

he works with "these people".

Lyign terrorist


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