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Check Out Josiah & Blake's Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

​Instinct reader Josiah sent in video of his flash mob marriage proposal to his fiance Blake and it's bound to put some pep in your step this morning! 

The proposal took place at Chuy's Mexican Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee and features an original song by JosiahCarr, "Love Looks Good On You."


Josiah writes on YouTube:

Blake and Josiah moved to Nashville in October for Josiah to be able to pursue his career in music. Blake thought that he was going to Chuy's Mexican Restaurant to meet friends before they headed to a Warner Music party. Little did he know what was in store for him that afternoon. He thought until the very end of the flashmob that Josiah was shooting a music video. He was completely clueless and everything went exactly as planned! Thanks to all who were involved!

Congrats to the happy couple!


Amazing, so happy for yall!

That was simply awesome!!! Congrats!!!! 

That was beautiful! Best wishes to you both.

This is so awesome!!!!

Just bought this on ITunes!  Great song and congrats guys!!  Loved it!

I hope some day a man proposes to me with a flash mob. I think it takes a lot of thought and planning and I'd love to be showered with tons of attention. Plus, I love a guy that can sing.

The song is available on iTunes Love Looks Good On You by Josiah Carr!!!!!!

thanks for all of the support!!!

People have to stop doing this.  It's great that these guys are getting married.  It's wonderful.  I am very happy for them, but quit with the flash mob proposals people.  I feel so embarrassed watching these proposals.  They're like the Macarena of proposals.  So cheesy. XP

Just so you know.. If ever anyone wants to propose to me, ever.. if your proposal involves, singing, dancing, or large groups, the answer will be.. no.  Just sayin'.

I know, I may seem like a cynic.  I'm not. I just cringe at these over blown proposals.

I wish them love, luck & happiness.

With that horribly negative attitude chances are you'll have your way & no one will propose to you at all!

No one is forcing you to watch!!!

Sounds like a bitter ol' queen and a lonely one at that.... life is too short my friend. 

Couldn't agree more!!!

you sounds like a very miserable person . keep your negativity to yourself please

Fantastic song guys i want a copy please

I want a copy of that song!

Absolutely Fabulous!  So happy for them.  Love the song!!!!

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