Davey Wavey: Don't Give Hand Jobs!

​To give a hand job or not to give a hand job? That is the question. 

And it's one that YouTuber Davey Wavey is answering with a resounding "NO."

Check out why Davey Wavey has a strict no-HJ policy:

We think it could be argued that there are times when a hand job is appropriate, but we'll leave that up to you to decide, Instincters. 

Do you agree with Davey??


If your only sexual organ is your recum, like Im sure it is with Davey, of course you care less about hj's.

I'm in love with this guy that I met about two months ago. He loves me too but we can't date because he has another girlfriend. We do flirt through texting though, sharing some pictures that tell me that He's interested in me more than I thought. Another problem was that he lives in another state with his girlfriend that he has been dating for about a month. I suffer from the fact that He doesn't want to text me. I know He's online and on Facebook but He doesn't text me. I want Him to text me and realize that I’m worth it more than His new girlfriend. He doesn't answer my question of coming back to my city to see me. It takes Him days to respond to me and most of the time I’m the one texting and waiting. I can't focus on anything but just thinking about Him. I want Him to come back and live in my city and to see me and want to spend time with me.

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wait what? handjobs are a part of a sexual repertoire, sure there is 'more' that can be done, but often times they are: 

a) safe, e.g. in a car or a themepark ride, under a blanket or towel at a beach, in public, at a party/wedding, in church, in a theater, at a bar mitzvah, at a briss, at a first communion (lol ok sorry) a quick sex act that doesn't draw that much attention

b) quick, we often don't have time/space/privacy to get full on naked and contorted into lube-requiring positions, so it's just the thing for the bro on the go. 

c) a stopgap, or gateway, say you're on date #2 and want to make it to date #3 without going full on fuck buddy, well a handy-J is alright to show you want it without giving up all your goodies. 

d) enticing, yeah we know how to do it, and yeah sometimes they can be boring, but when someone is doing it right, teasing, touching, tingling, etc. it can be a super turnon, and can be foreplay for more.

e) easy, sometimes both of you are just tired or want to veg-out and not have a full on workout, lazy fun

d) dirty, someone giving you a surprise HJ and looking you right in the eyes, faaaak, that's pretty hot, call me crazy. 

e) dominant, if a 'daddy', 'dom', 'master' etc. grabs you, opens your fly, pulls your wang out, and starts making you jizz yourself, yeah that can be a form of HOT humiliation, being forced to cum, there's an entire porn genre about that! 

f) is for frot, some guys aren't into penetration or fluid exchanges, frot is it's own position instead of top/bottom/vers, frot guys like to rub cocks on eachother cocks, hands, bodies, grinding, riding, etc. but without the penetration, and so a handjob becomes much more sensual and sexual for those who are into it. 

g) is for GYM, need I say more? ;P

This is an example of why instant videos and the Internet is a bad thing: when someone with little or no talent gets attention because he can via the web.

Geez, it's just a HJ! My buddies and me do it all the time, especially before we go out with our girlfriends. 

This is vapid. Neither funny nor relevant. And his veneers are gross and distracting. They look like cheap plastic teeth. He's so in love with himself that everything he says becomes boring and forgettable. 

have to start somewhere,,, have to undo pants, duhhh... great use for hands.. touch it, crave it, go down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! foreplay dumb asses. nobody but the disrespectful are "take it out and stick it in" PLAY!!! CRAVE!!! AND ENJOY!!!  that video had nothing to go on. he bitched too soon. need hands to undo pants first!!  yea,,,, could have been fun using teeth "GET OVER IT". aint nobody going to measure up to whats in your dreams!!!

FAGS need to be tied down, and force fucked by a bull or a horse . At least then they would never crave for dick again.

And why are you here?

bad cable in your trailer park?

aaaaaawwwwwww. the poor idiot thinks a huge dick will get us gays to get turned off.

don't you know the bigger the better. of course not, you must have a tiny dick youself.

And you should get you're ass kicked 

What a dumb douche bag.

My God what a douchebag. 

WHO? And...whatta cunt.

Wavey only wants it up his ass

A queen with muscles... He'd take a HJ from me or he could gtf out.  No one should be told.   This is what I don't like by too many gay men. So many hang ups and they never involve condoms.

He's an ass!

No idea what were they talking about --- no captions. SUCK!

What an annoying, vapid, shallow little prick. You may piss off now. Thank you. 

Yep, ruined when he started talking. Annoying twat!

Ugh, I just can't stand Davey Wavey.

He's lucky he's semi-cute...bless his queer lil' heart.

I like a good handjob time to time, but when I hear a whiny queen like this one, nobodys dicks getting hard or serviced. Young guys, dont act like him. Bitchiness is fun when u are young but being nice will get you so much further.

Maybe this idiot should transgender to a twat and the fuss of a handjob wouldn't be an issue.

annoying twat

OMW. Do these people actually know who you are as a whole and what you do with each video that they make these negative comments, taking this video out of context, which was to prove a point through a scene and not to shame the other dude. I've been with guys when half the time was only a ha, but I wanted chemistry, deeper meaning and emotional connection along with it, which sometimes didn't happen. I might as well have then did it myself cause I get a bigger and better orgasm. It depends with whom, the intention, the meaning behind it and whether is will satisfy the need or expectation and if the guys is doing to please the other or themself, that will effect how the other feels about it.

Who the hell gives just a HJ?? 

I detest him, I hate that people even know who he is, what a gross representation of our culture and our tastes.  Clearly almost everyone here disagrees with his tragic ass.

You can jerk off anytime. If you just masturbate the guy you are taking away good blow job and humping time.

Im a great cook, I cook almost every day... but sometimes I like someone else too prepare my food. It tastes different and I simply get to enjoy it. I dont need someone to feed me each bite. If you make dinner ill clean up. ;-)

He's wrong, there IS something less sexy than a handjob. Mainly: being verbally shamed by a shrill uptight high maintenance basic bitch in bleached denim for daring to show some interest. Response: "Sorry, my master seduction of pulling your dick out on the sofa wasn't up to your erotic standards... but I barely touched your belt. If that made you freak out, thanks for the warning before things went any further. I'd hate to see what your version of cray-cray is once I've got my clothes off & can't run away quickly."

(p.s. I jerk guys off all the time -- when the chemistry & rhythm is right, it's amazing..)

What a dumb queen! Hand jobs are great! What a fuck tard!

This video is stupid!!!! Like someone else stated I lost interest in the first 20 seconds. I for one love all things associated with the penis and taking it in the hand would be included. 

I agree and disagree with it. He had some points and some stupid things to say. He usually does in his videos where he makes himself as the king of all homos and he is sure as he'll not one to look up to or listen. 

Anyways, if you are just giving a handjob, that isn't the greatest. I could easily do that myself. Now if your gonna do more and make it interesting and worthwhile.... Hell yes. Now if your elsewhere and being a daredevil in public than of course handjobs work. It's adventurous, but when your in private, you want more than just that. 

I agree and disagree with it. He had some points and some stupid things to say. He usually does in his videos where he makes himself as the king of all homos and he is sure as he'll not one to look up to or listen. 

Anyways, if you are just giving a handjob, that isn't the greatest. I could easily do that myself. Now if your gonna do more and make it interesting and worthwhile.... Hell yes. Now if your elsewhere and being a daredevil in public than of course handjobs work. It's adventurous, but when your in private, you want more than just that. 

How did he know he was going to get a handjob? He could have been going to pull out his dick. THis is beyond dumb.

Totally agree! Thx for trying to restore some of our dignity back davey!

That was pretty stupid.

This is not particularly funny, good, or remotely true. 

It all depends on the guy.  Davey Wavey comes across as the type of guy who needs a decent spanking and then pounding, preferably with a third's dick in his mouth at the same time. When I make out with other tops, an hj while looking into his eyes and reading his facial expression and body language to match what I'm doing is a great way to bring him to climax.  Milking a guy and getting milked by a guy who knows what he's doing is awesome!


This doesn't make any sense. Yes, you can masturbate yourself and you known how you like to do it with your own hand, but when someone else does it, it feels totally different. You dont have to do any of the work and as far as the "you don't know what I like" thing, uhm you can just as easily tell them if you want it fast, slow, hard, or soft. It's still erotic regardless. Having someone elses skin touch your cock and jerk it off is still pleasurable. I don't see what big deal is.? It's like giving yourself a neck massage vs someone else giving you a neck message. You can do it to yourself and yes it feels good, but sometimes it feels good to have someone else do it. I love my skin to be touched by other people. Isn't a handjob in the same principle as that? And most handjobs lead to blowjobs anyway. I think this is kind of stupid, honestly.

I totally agreewith you getting a hj from someone else completely different been doing it yourself


Hand jobs in the backseat of a taxi while you both look at the windows as if nothing is happening.  Hand jobs between floors on an elevator.  Hand jobs under blankets in airplanes.  I could go on all day.  Mr. Wavey clearly has an unimaginative sex life lacking in adventure.

His hat, shorts, and voice are offensive.

Totally disagree. I know this is just for laughs, but shaming people for what they like or don't like sexually is sad.

Your comment should have just ended with 'I know this is just for laughs'. It's time to call people out on trying to politicize humor as anything but.

This might be the most annoying video on YouTube. I couldnt make it past the first 20 seconds.

He's an idiot!!! Lol but oh well, he has the right to his opinion... :/

Wow.  He's really really annoying sounding.

Finally! Someone said something about HJs!!! Totally against. Agree with the opening lines and his last words. See you later ;)

It was ruined when he started talking.

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