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YouTube's 'ASAP Science' Pair Comes Out As Gay--& As A Couple!

YouTubers Greg and Mitch, the pair behind the popular ASAP Science series have officially come out as "openly proud gay people who love science"--and as a couple!! 

Sure, some may have made their own assumptions regarding the pair's sexual orientation, but we think there's real value in publicly owning your space--including your YouTube space. 

Also, as Mitch points out--isn't it important for kids (and frankly adults) to have visible members of the gay community in the sciences? A reminder that they can be "smart and intelligent and successful--and be gay at the same time?" That it's not just personality and looks that get you through in life?

Well done, guys! 

We look forward to seeing more of Greg and Mitch! (Plus, we think science is pretty cool too!)


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Fan-freakin-tastic boys!  Love the channel!  I'm an entomologist (and the 'only gay in the village' if you watch "Little Britain.")  I too hope for the sciences to be a more welcoming place.  I decided to come out at my school to all of my co-workers, friends, and the entire community.  I hope doing so gives some students strength and inspiration to live the life into which they were born rather than an artificially assigned one.  Great coming out video.  I may be leading a student organization for LGBT teens this coming school year.  I plan on using your videos with the group!

If you're ever in Chicago, I'd love to have you talk to my students if at all possible.

All the best!


Haters are gonna hate. Right gay is the hot topic 

Years from now it won't be so everywhere 

it will be just another part of life

if u don't like these guys bc they are gay don't watch no need to comment 

Gay contribution to science? Think Allan Turing. Can you think of a more influential openly gay person?

We may not be on the list of the 101 most ifluential gays, but my husband and I are both scientists (he's an associate math professor at Macalester College, and I'm a higher ed administrator in academic technology). We're both out and proud at work. Great work calling this out, fellas, and keep fighting the good fight! Love -- Jude and Chad Higdon-Topaz (and our princess scientist daughter, Maya)

Well said guys! Just as a woman has to break through the stereotypical "man's job," I think feminine men also have the same obstacle. We are not all ballerina's! It's a shame that this video needed to be posted, but so glad you did. Our gay youth DO Need role models and I think you are two of them. Thank you

Smart is sexy and you guys are sexy and smart. Love ya (and I'm gay).

You guys are great and very articulate and are a great support for the lgbt community. The more we are out there showing we are just as human as everyone else the better.

as a scientist it feels lonely in here, we definitely need more LGBT science people. LOVE those brave and clever guys

Brilliantly crafted, not only is this informartive it is indeed super inspiring and needs to be engrained in peoples minds.


Melbourne, Australia

this was awesome!

great video; i'm going to show your videos to my school's gsa. and great couple; best of luck, guys!

Great job!  You represent us all well! (All = the human race and every faction within). 

i understand what you all are saying , but just remember a large percentage of gay men do not act feminine in any way or act anything other than like masculine men . Not that there is anything wrong with gay men who have feminine traits , but there is nothing wrong with gay men who do not have feminine traits either . Many straight acting gay men go unnoticed because there is such a stereotype of gay men being obviously gay based on how they come across , famine characteristics , that is . I did not come out till i was well into middle age, No one in my family or friends ever considered for a minute that i might be gay , 

We love these guys! Not a scientist, but I work for Science magazine, so that's close, right?

what kind of low lives ask someone if they are gay ?? pretty rude ! , most who do so are just trying to catch you or make you lie to them and then hold it against them , No one goes around asking people ,,, : " are you straight , i need to know this " .. get over it people .

Amazing young men!

Good job, guys.

Michael, chemical engineer (and, yes, gay)

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