Gay Guy Pranks Straight Men By Pretending To Be Their Grindr Hookup

What's your take on this type of prank from, Instincters

A gay guy approaches random straight men (generally accompanied by their friends) and pretends to be their Grindr hookup, leading to embarrassment and potential lashing out from the ambushed straight dude. (And exposing all sorts of weird homophobia in the process.)

Hilarious? You tell us. 

We were admittedly kind of uncomfortable throughout. Would the ambushed straight guy punch the gay guy in a moment of alleged "gay panic?"  Is accosting this guy with the "accusation" that he's gay in front of his presumably straight friends weirdly gay shaming? Are the guys that are being pranked all extremely homophobic??

We just wanted to laugh--we love a good prank (and has plenty of them!)--but we were left questioning the execution and the results. What did you think, Instincters?

Here are a few more Grindr Hookup Prank clips, if they suit your fancy:


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Please stop!

I think the point is missed that it would uncomfortable to have a complete stranger come up to you, hug you, claim to have been communicating with you, and then report personal details about your life. I would probably be weirded out, and it would have nothing to do with the actor being gay. I don't think this video really offers anything useful.

This is wrong, just like outing someone that is not in the political field, or someone that otherwise bashes gays in the public eye.  Prank or not, it's not even close to funny it is demeaning and can be damaging.

Being gay doesn't make this okay either u find it funny or u don't an if u don't to bad.. it's a joke not a Dick don't take it so hard.

vre de gamieste pou kanete kai sxolia. 

I find this to be a complete utter waste of time and also degrading to gays.  How does this help people relax and not freak out thinking that gays are going hit on them.

Gays are labeled FAGS for a reason and this video is an example of why.

You should all have your dicks pruned off with gardening shears, then fucked over and over by prison thugs until your ass bleeds you to death!

Worthless fucks!!

Karma is a bitch.  I'm quite certain you will have your dick pruned off now you homophobic loser.  Interesting that you are on a gay magazine's website??  Another closet case.....

There is a scientific, very well well explained reason why homosexuality exists as we now know. Which is why the laws are changing around the world.   You are uneducated, certainly in my country you would be ousted yourself, you're certainly and out of your depth.   Which makes you more uncomfortable than you realize and possibly something to hide.  Ask yourself this - who taught you that being gay was wrong? where did it come from - your parents, friends, school?  that is something as a straight person is something you 'learned'.    As an adult you should look at the facts and make your own decisions instead of believing everything your told.  My IQ level turn out far higher than your could possibly be which is another reason I'm on this planet as I bring some order to idiots like you.  

You know; I'm not overly keen on really 'out-there-guys' but not afraid of it.   If someone approached you inadvertently by mistake or you had some involvement with your mates at college you have nothing to hide as many kids play around as part of their growing up but we are actually pre-wired during pregnancy (even Bisexual due to similar developments in the brain).  The only time we find attitude like yours is either from bad education or through some unfortunate incident - either way you need to get an education and your head sorted.   The vast majority are straight, around 10% of the world is gay so what are you worried about?   Another typical bully which can be easily identified by lack of emotional maturity.  I'm sure if I walked in where you worked (though I suspect you don't by comments like these) and put my extensive wallet on the table you'd be glad of my business.   Cut your nose to spite you face, typical idiot!   If it wasn't for some good straight American friends and having visited your country (spending plenty of money) then judging by comments I would have thought you existed in a previous century, Comments like yours just show up how unintelligent and in-bred you really are.   Ps I'm a natural father, want my kids to be 'hetro' but what will be will be.  I don't want them growing up in a world with you that's for sure.  Have you got kids? What if one turns out to be gay what would you do then? kill them?  they'd certainly hide it from you and you'd find yourself totally conflicted and loosing your family.

You might want to do some research on leading figures through recent and further history plus medical details.   If you had diabetes or an extra nipple or wart on your face perhaps I should I kill you as you' don't meet the norm?    

Why are you even on here posting comments? - clearly something is wrong with you to come here in the first instance, if something happened you need to talk about it with someone professional.   

Let's touch tips. I want to fondle your ballsack and stick my finger in your butt.

Yes, and I want in on this. I just wanna put my dick in your mouth bro. No home though

I would be pissed at this douche-bag for annoyingly getting in my business as well, gay or not.

Terrible! Nice that the straight dudes threatened you twice and threw a can in out face! Not funny

Think about how funny this would have actually been if it were a hot straight male actor, that knows how to actually act, and just say the same exact thing without all the faggotry and flamboyance.   THAT would be hysterical, as it would cause better confusion.   The scenario is there to be done correctly, and this is not the way.  It's actually quite pathetic and embarrassing. 

I am gay, and I don't need some faggot representing me.  You would never know I was gay, because I am just a guy who is attracted to guys.  

Two steps back with every video. 

Jesus, your homophobia is as bad as the straight guys in this pathetic video. So, I suppose because people wouldn't "know" you're gay, that makes you better than more flamboyant gays? If you're a guy who is attracted to only guys, you're just as gay as the one in the video. Hate to break it to you, but it shouldn't matter. We shouldn't be spewing hate at our own community--that's more than two steps back right there. Grow up. 

Anyway, this video *is* terrible, because it not only gives straight guys the opportunity to react negatively toward gays, it forgives them for doing so with the "hidden camera!" reveal. That shouldn't be cause for a laugh--"Haha! He almost gay-bashed me!"; it should be cause for discussion as to why someone hitting on them would be remotely problematic just because it's another man. 

words right out of my mouth! stereotype on all level and have to say embarrassing throughout! shame of you...this sucked!

Sadly its so damn true this is why we get hatred an disgust "stains" on our pride flag

Ditto im the same and agree totally

I understand that this is a joke, but i think it is not helping the cause for gay acceptance by perpetuating stereotypes. Talk about pushing it into their face. The idea is funny I agree but the execution is poor. 


OMGGG!!! i just couldn't keep watching it i was soooo embarrased!!!! great prank!!

WOW ...thats all I got...

Perpetuating gay stereotypes in front of straight people, way to go!

Grow a sense of humor. I'm gay and I think it's hysterical. Go wine about something else

I believe you meant "whine".

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