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UPDATE: Police Officer Under Investigation After Violently Assaulting Woman At Pittsburgh Pride

Updated Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. PST

Following Monday's reveal of footage showing the violent assault and arrest of a woman at a Pittsburgh Pride festival by a police officer, Pittsburgh mayor William Peduto has announced that the officer is question is now under investigation.

Reuters reports:

Moments into the shaky 15-second video clip that was shared widely on social media, Souroth Chatterji, a male police officer, can be seen dragging Ariel Lawther, 19, who attended the march, down by the hair and punching her in her torso.

Lawther was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. A criminal complaint said Lawther had been in an altercation with an anti-gay protester, and then began hitting the officer as he tried to break up the fight, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

"I just want to reassure the people that this is a new day, we won't look the other way when incidents like this happen," Peduto said at a press conference on Monday.

He said that the officer would be on desk duty for 30 days while the incident was investigated by the city's Office of Municipal Investigations.

"And we want to assure everybody, and that includes both the public and the police, that we want fairness," the mayor said.

Towleroad has also provided another unedited video of the assault, which doesn't appear to validate the police officer's use of excessive force:

What's your take, Instincters?


Original Post

Terrifying video of a police officer assaulting a woman on Saturday at Pittsburgh's LGBT Pride in the Street festival is making its way around the internet. 



The video was originally posted on Facebook by Jenna Renee Kenny, who writes:

"EVERYONE WATCH THIS!! This happened right in front of me at pride today. & please share he's a prick & shouldn't get away with it. He was smiling the whole time after he got her in cuffs."

No word yet on what happened to the cop or the victim.


(H/T: Towleroad)


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A new day? Fairness? If I am suspected of a hate crime ...I go to jail while I'm investigated especially if there is footage of me punching the victim.
How is paid fucking desk work in any
way equal and fair?
Throw his ass in jail while he awaits trial like the rest of us. Let him post bail if he has it.

I am a gay man and have been yelled at by the religious jerks, but it does no good to stoop to their level and try to argue with them.  It looks like the young woman let her emotions get the best of her.  Didn't  she threaten to throw water at the guy and kick him off his stool?  I don't like what he has to say but we have to protect free speech for everyone.  I think the girl may have crossed the line.

My friend, every form of freedom of speech has limitations, such as not applying to slander, obscenity, and hate speech. I think this qualifies. I don't think any society in its right mind would protect Mr from walking up to you and saying "you are an ugly Fuck who was born from a white of a mother who I fucked last night."

And freedom of speech allows you to say what you just wrote to me...mad the answer is yes... Freedom of speech allows what you suggest as well.  No matter now insulting it is still a right that should be protected.

Freedom of speech shouldn't be preserved for the sake of freedom of speech. What you suggest is plain anarchy.

Correction: This happened at Pride Fest (Sunday) Pride In The Street, which featured Chaka Kahn, was the night before.

You see when he walks over and grabs her, so his defense of saying it was because of her hitting him first is bs. You'll notice also that he was smiling, so it's obvious he wanted to do it. We need to stop letting people in the police force that are not able to be impartial. Also have some kind of class or training to ensure they are reminded of what the whole purpose of their career is.

Reading these comments and smelling the butthurt :^)

I can't really tell anything from this video. What caused all of this? I'm not going to assume the officer did anything wrong without knowing what the hell happened. 

The officer was grabbing this girl by the hair and punching her in the stomach. I don't think it matters what she was doing, this is how a man beats a woman when he really fucking hates her, not how an officer responds to a physical threat(if there ever even was one). He should be fucking fired and sued, and the girl should sue for emotional duress. 

You're filling in the blanks of something that you don't know. Lots of things look a lot of ways when you don't have the complete picture. Like I said, you didn't see what happened before the camera caught it. And you didn't see a clear picture of what happened during. 

Gay pride is known as a FREAK SHOW, thus the participants should be treated as such.

Really, a freak show? Do your gay friends on facebook know your stand on this?

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Wow, he should be arrested for assault.

He should be fired immediately. He was obviously in NO danger and his actions were uncalled for.

typical bigoted pig , who just happens to be a cop out of control , She told him to F Off , which is when he loses his control .. If a cop cannot control his temper based on words , he should be off the force ... period   .

It might be time for a march!

Seems the more gains we make the more desperate the resistance becomes. Please! Learn our history. Read. Watch documentaries. We must not let a few carry the load. It was when we united in Activism AND Pride that we've made strides.

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