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Matt Bomer Responds To 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Casting Petition

Not everyone was thrilled by the decision to cast Charlie Hunnam as "Christian Grey" in the film adaptation of Fifty Shade Of Grey.

In fact, the casting news was so controversial (we're laughing as we type this because: Russia. Syria.), that more than 40,000 people have lent their signatures to a petition calling for the role to be recast with the lickable Matt Bomer. 

The petition reads, in part:  “Matt Bomer is the PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF CHRISTIAN GREY AND ALEXIS BLEDEL IS THE PERFECT ACTRESS TO REPRESENT ANASTASIA STEELE and if THEY ARE NOT, NOBODY WILL BE…So please PLEASE, all of the GREYsessed and Bomerettes in the world NEED those actors. They always will be for us the Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. WE CAN DO ANYTHING GUYS, ANYTHING.”

(Many caps lock keys were injured in the creation of this petition.)

So what does Matt Bomer think about this call to action? 

Bomer told reporters, “I’m so grateful for the fans and touched. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie with Charlie and Dakota.” 

No surprise, Bomer keeps it classy. 

However, if he wants to make things unclassy, might we suggest a nude oil wrestling match with Mr. Hunnam. Winner takes the role??

Honestly, everybody wins. 


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Just look Matt vs Charlie... Christian has charisma and style. Really do you vision Charlie playing classical music on a piano or do you see him surfing... poor poor casting

You do realize they actually test these actors for these roles. Whether they have chemistry and who with. Whether they can handle the ENTIRE role, not just partsof it. If you've watched a single episode of SoA, you would know he's perfectly capable of it. They ACT. They can fake it ;)

As Mr. Grey himself would say..."Fair point, well made" ... I agree with you completely.

So right u are these are my exact words I've been saying since labor day!!!!! Just watch SOA then you'll know he's perfect as Christian

I agree petitioning the actors chosen is assanine.

or not chosen....either way ;)

This is ridiculous. I understand we live in a world where petitioning good causes merits great results, but come on. You petition presidents and governors and schools for better lunches, not actors picked for certain roles. Does anyone understand that once they have announced the actors portraying these characters, CONTRACTS have been signed and dates have been set? It's not like the director can go, "Oh, some people don't like who we picked. Better chance million dollar lawsuits and change everything!" Come on, people.

Also, I am all for a nude, oil wrestling.match anyway. Hell, if you're going to petition for something, petition for that!

I am stoked about this movie!  I am certain Charlie will be amazing!!!  I didn't even know he was an option...I was thinking Ian but now that I know Charlie will play Christian I am just as excited!  He has an awesome body and when he is clean shaven and in a suit he very much appears Christian-esque...and I agree that if you watch SOA you would not question one bit that he will play the part very well!!!  He has major sex appeal and I can't wait for him to blow everyone away =)  Those who choose not to watch the movie because of casting must not be true fans...considering the author had a huge part in casting from my understanding.  Not to mention Christian Grey is different to every single person...who one person envisioned is not necessarily who another envisioned...and no one can pick who the author envisioned except EL James.  As for Dakota she will definitely need to color her hair...which I am certain casting has already said the same thing...but I do not know much about her to have an opinion.  I looked up pictures of her and I caught myself saying "maybe"....I think with darker hair it would give me a better idea...I agree that I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't surprise everyone.  Personally, I loved the books so much that I would watch the movie regardless of the casting.  Matt was never one of my choices but he was for a lot of people....again just goes to show everyone envisioned someone different as Christian Grey.  I personally am super excited for this movie to become a reality ;)

Totally agree with you. Matt wasn't one if my choices either. But I'm loving Charlie as Christian. I think it will be great. This is ridiculous what people do.

I'm pissed because I hated Fifty Shades, but I LOVE Charlie Hunnam and have been a fan of his since early in his career.  I'll watch him in anything... and that unfortunately means I may end up watching the Fifty Shades movies. Charlie Hunnam is TOO GOOD TO STAR IN THIS GARBAGE! But good for him for getting a paycheck and being exposed to a new world of fans who will never truly appreciate how talented he is.  Hell, they believed a poorly written "erotic" book where a virgin gave a perfect BJ on her first try.  They'll never understand what a gift they've been given.  

what were they thinking matt was perfect this charlie guy im so disappointed {nothing against him) i loved these books but i dont think im interested in watchinng the movie anymore just lost its feeling for it sont really know what to say anymore

Love the cast all you people who say " I wont go see the movie because of the cast " you lie hahaha. Good job Mr. James

Uh no we don't lie.  The power of the people will speak when the first movie tanks at the box office and the other ones aren't made because it did so horribly.  I can't wait for that day.  They made two horrible choices with who they selected.  They didn't listen to the fans so the fans are going to have a say so RIGHT IN THEIR POCKETS.

I have no desire to see it now.  I'm going to just enjoy the books.  Trust me fans have boycotted a tv show finale or movie before and they have done poorly this will be no different.

You need to go back and reread those books you love so much. You were hoping for a pretty boy without dimensions when Christian Grey is, bottom line, a dominating cocky hardass. Charlie Hunnam is overly qualified for such a role and will portray it perfectly. I wasn't even rooting for him soon as they announced him, it fit perfectly.

I was upset that Bomer wasn't chosen, but he is too old to play the role of a 27 year old. He is gorgeous, but too old. Charlie will do an amazing job. I was shocked at first with that choice, but he is an awesome actor and will do wonderfully. As for this Bledel girl. She is not attractive at all. I had my heart set on Lucy Hale. Bledel has played many whorey roles which fans may deem her as a great Ana, but frankly, I am so sick of hearing about her. Perhaps she did audition and casting directors didn't think she was right for the role, or maybe she doesn't want any part in this movie. Casting directors know much better, whether we envisioned the actors they've chosen or not. They know what they are doing.

For all the ladies who refuse to watch the movie because you're crying over the main characters. Grow the eff up. It's a movie! I bet you will all watch it anyway because no one can get enough of 50 Shades of Grey. 

I think Charlie and Dakota will do just fine. Charlie should just re-look the character as to the description and Dakota, I think should dye her hair to be a brunette for the movie. I mean, Christian Grey does like brunettes and the brunette part is a big deal with his business and employees. Other than that, I am looking forward to watching the movie with Charlie and Dakota, I honestly pictured neither Matt, no Alexis to be "my" Christian and Ana, although both very good actor/actress. Just not what I pictured the two to be.

It just amazes me that the public thinks they have the right to choose the actors in a movie... Did you write the book? Is it your money paying for the making of the movie? Why don't you all care when other books are made into movies and they choose actors? If you don't like who was chosen then don't go see the movie, it is just that simple. Personally - I think Charlie will be wonderful. I don't know enough about Dakota to say anything, but I do know I will give her a chance and then say if I liked it or not. I am not a producer, casting director, movie director or the writer of the book, so I don't get a say and I will just wait and see what they bring to the screen... 

Yes, if you spent money on the book, download or the audio. It is your money that made the book a best seller and it will be the people that spend their money that will also make the movie. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Agree :) good point.

You people need a life there's worse things in life than actor choices for a movie and I'm pretty sure the author doesn't care who you people want she wrote the book so I'm pretty sure she would know who would be the best Christian. Threatening to not see the movie will not bother her, seeing as most likely you'll see it anyways. Get over it and fight for something that's worth meaning, not petitioning about a movie and what actors were picked for the role. GET A LIFE!!

Uh well you need a life too if you are trolling boards like this.  THE AUTHOR WANTED ROB TO PLAY THE ROLE THAT TELLS YOU WHAT SHE KNOWS.  I won't be seeing it so stop assuming.  

very well said

Yo, J. Miller, you need to calm down and let people have there say. You sure have. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Bad choices,by the way, and I think that the movie will not do very well. I, for one, will just stay with what the books did for me and just not see the movies.

Oh cry me a river, you don't even know how they are going to do, they may pull off the characters amazingly and you're going to miss out because they aren't exactly what you wanted, you guys need to calm your tits, obviously people wanted these two for a reason, including the Author of the book, they are probably her vision of the characters, the vision that actually counts, and you're going to write off the movie, wow. Charlie has a great body and if you look at him with short hair he looks like he would be the perfect Christian and I don't know about Dakota but she has the soft features that Ana would have, she is pretty but she isn't exotically gorgeous she is the perfect level of beautiful to be Ana, and do you guys honestly think Alexis would pay a role like that, she has always been the good girl, I don't think being naked and moaning and begin tied up is really her thing. No petition is going to change the cast. My goodness, people. 

You guys are all selfish and immature for thinking your favorite actor should get the part or else! Grow up! Its a fictional character for Gods sake! Charlie will b great. Mr bomer is very cute but looks much too sweet to beat people up n whip asses!!

Everyone needs to keep in mind what the authors vision of the characters is, after all they are the one that wrote it.

LOL well then...auburn jaw line can wear a suit...Charlie...uh wrong again.  They chose two people who are willing to take off their clothes is what they did.  EL James didn't want either of these two.  Her first choice was Robert Pattinson and the girl from The Secret Life of a Teenager but her commitment to another project was already there so she couldn't do it...HELLO...this wasn't her vision.  These two people were the end of the barrel.  LOL...they sunk pretty low.  

I will not even see the movies now with the poor casting choices. I agree on Matt and Alexis!
And I have a hundred friends that say they won't see the movies now either.

You sound like a petulant child who didn't get a lolly pop at the shop. LOL

Get a life or simply just get over it, because no one cares & there are more important issues in life to be concerned about. 

E L James is the best judge for the cast selection of her book. 

Dakota & Charlie are perfect for the roles of Christian & Ana. 

I do NOT like either choice of actors to play the leads.  I LOVED the books.  I will wait till comes out on pay for view to see it.  Sad.......what were they thinking

Matt is very sexy. He is Christian grey. I dont like charlie.

Matt es el Cristian Grey y la película no va a ser tan intensa como el libro, mi mente se imagino a Cristian tal cual es Matt!!!

Veo las fotos de charlie y ninguna me gusta o atrae. Tiene bien cuerpo pero nada más. No irradia a Christian grey como Matt Bomer

i feel like the ones who were elected fit katie and elliots characters! Matt Bomer is who I imagined during the whole read as well as Alexis Biedel for Ana! Like ur gonna ruin the whole feel and balance!

Es cierto! los elegidos quedan mejor como kate y elliot! Sin duDa Matt es el Christian Grey de la mayoria

Es cierto! los elegidos quedan mejor como kate y elliot! Sin duDa Matt es el Christian Grey de la mayoria

I am sorry but until recently, I didnt even know who Matt Bomer is. lol  I do not feel Matt or this Alexis are right for the roles.  I dont like this Charlie because I feel he is way too short.  You can color the hair and curl it but you cant change the eyes and "the look" and you cant add 6 inches in height.  Charlie is nice looking but not right if they follow the image they created in the books.  I am not sure about Dakota.  Some photos she looks innocent but its hard to get past the red lipstick but she doesnt look innocent enough and doesnt have the doe eyes that Ana is suppose to have.  The actors I felt fit the part werent even considered so they cant please everyone.  Personally , I dont think they will please much of anyone with this cast.  Sorry. No offense to the ones chosen.  I just dont get it.

Umm... Charlie is 6'1.... And that's at least 6'5 by actors standards.

too short!? He's 6'1", how much taller do you think he should be? Also, he fits the image well, I'm sure they would dye his hair. Stop paying attention to images that are public through events and carpets they've walked, it's the movies, they can make anyone appear they way they need them to be. Everyone is basing the characters based on the natural looks they have, but in fact they may not even be able to act the parts. . . . .I think you should look into movies and shows he's done. I was Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer all the way, but after watching Charlie Hunnam in SOA and some of his movies, I think he'll be perfect. As for Dakota, she hasn't really done anything big and she looks completely different with dark hair, I think she's gonna surprise us. . .

If you have watched SOA you should know Charlie CAN and WILL do an awesome job! Can wait!

I am actually quite intriqued to see the movie with Charlie as Christian.  I surprised even myself as I would have loved to have seen Ian as Christian.  However, I am not feeling this Dakota person.  I think Alexis would have been the perfect Ana.

I read all the books and they were amazing. I really did not care who they picked to play either part, but after I seen the results, I was very disappointed. I have no clue who Bomer or Bledel are (yeah yeah I know), but I looked them both up and they are exactly like the people I imagined while reading the story. I really wish they would rethink their casting. I am not saying that Charlie and Dakota will not do an awesome job, it is just not the visual affect that the readers got while reading the story. If they stick with who is casted then I really hope that all goes well and the viewers are not left in disappointment. I really hope that they prove us all wrong and do a fantastic job cause this is a huge movie and it has been in high demand to people all around the world. This movie is going to have a big affect on their acting careers and will put a big opinion on whoever stars in the movie. More like, Good Luck to whoever plays either part!

I think this movie should be a take home movie only for obvious reasons and can be watched over and over again.  I thin they should have 3 different actors and 3 diferent actresses so a customer can buy their choice or all threee to see which they like.  I never plan to see this movie with the girls as again it is a take home movie for the privacy of your own room.  : )   Seriously if you make teh same movie with three different actors its 3 reasons to buy it and make up sales at the box office....

just a suggestion

Charlie Hunnam was great in the movie Abandoned... I think he'll be great in this too, although he's not all at what we expected he's a great actor and very sexy under all that biker gear and beard on SOA.

matt es nuestro christian grey :(

also do not know who will have done the casting but i think the majority wanted to matt and the other girl, it is assumed that movies are for the public, i have nothing against the actors they chose, but i think we all would have liked see those who fit the role more and i find that people who say they did not choose to be gay matt is wrong because he is a cadre and could have Chistian Grey embody to perfection an is all the dreams of their fans

Honestly, I am as disappointed as the next girl.  However, the fact is we have Charlie and Dakota.  So lets make the best of it and support them.  TRUST ME... I WANT MATT to play Grey, but Charlie is good in SOA, but he'll have to clean it up for this part.  No biker hair and beard!!  As far as Dakota, I don't know enough about her to say anything, but she does NOT LOOK THE PART!!! 

Christian is supposed to have "copper colored hair" not Brown. Obviously this Matt guy doesn't.. so he wouldn't be a good Christian Grey.

For goodness sake hair and eye colour can be altered! When Peter Faccinelli was considered to play Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight films he didn't have white-blond hair as described in the books however when the films were released, surprise, surprise he and other members of the cast had both different coloured hair and eyes - hair dye, wigs and colour contact lenses can and will be used to turn the actors into the characters they are portraying.

  • Matt era el actor perfecto para este papel aunque el sea homosexual & todo el mundo lo sepa el es super profecional & hubiese representado a la perfeccion a chistian <3 esque es su sensualidad, su mirada cautivadora, su cuerpaso, en realidad para mi el & sera siempre chistian Grey :$ 

I think we all, have read all three books it doesnt mean we are experts on casting!

Charlie will do the role justice, too many people see him as Jax Teller... Think outsiode the sqaure... I can see Charlie more as a DOM then Matt!!!!

matt boomer would be great as mr.grey they have the wrong people. i have read all three books they need to change the actor and actress.

I think Charlie will do fine! I never pictured Matt Bomer as Christian Grey but I did picture him as Gideon Cross from the crossfire series by Sylvia day! I think he's perfect as Gideon! 

I totally agree!! At first I thought Charlie was not tall enough to play the part even though I do love him in SOA.But after thinking about it I think he will do the part justice.  And you are correct Matt would make a perfect Gideon Cross!!

you hit the nail on the head! Charlie is perfect and I absolutely love that you mentioned Matt for Gideon!!!

Great idea!

oh get over it for gods sake!

The movie will not be as awesome if Matt is not CG. very disappointed in the characters chosen for the movie.

I envisioned Henry Cavill the whole trilogy..but he's way too expensive now since Superman. 

I know nothing about Mr. Hunnam ..but if E.L. Chose's what she envisioned Christian to be.Thanks Matt for the positive response. I'll just continue to watch the old trailers with you and Alexis. 

Same here!!

Charlie is younger than Matt. He is not too old for this role. You'll see they will make him look like Christian. Again congrats to them!

Ohh Matt is definitely my Christian Grey when a I read the books but we can be surprise with Hunnam and Dakota on the movie.. We must respect them, theis job as actors.. And believe me I love Matt Bomer and he is my CG ;)

Matt is definitely my choice..he IS the image of Christian Grey. Don't get me wrong, Hunnam is cute and I am sure he will do fine but Matt is the ULTIMATE. I would have purchased the movie when it comes out on Apple TV w Matt but Hunnam will have to really kick it up serious to overpower Matt. Sigh...Matt is just handsome and has that sex appeal. 

Charlie is too old for the role. 

People are so rude. Give Charlie a chance! I loved fifty shades and even though the actors are not who I had in mind, (Matt Bomer was not my choice for Christian Grey, even though I do think he is a good actor and maybe could have even played Christian well), I'm still excited about the film. E.L. James had a lot to do with the casting and she wrote the book so I trust her decision! 

Who cares! They got talented actors and they won't let fans down. You all know no matter how much you protest and say "well I'm not going to see it now", you all know you'll be there opening night!!! Good luck to Charlie and Dakota, they will do great.

No it should Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel as the main roles.. Charlie Hunnam would be a good elliott!!

I'm so glad Mr. Bomer responds in a classy manner, unlike those rabid fans! It's just like Twilight all over again.  They were angry when the actors they imagined weren't cast as well, but guess what? They're head over heels for Pattinson and Stewart now.  Besides, Charlie is wicked talented and has loads of sex appeal.  I can't wait to see what Dakota offers in this role.  

I don't care who else but hate hate the choices. Personally I like Stephen Amell but way cast now will be foregoing movie

Haha, love the ending of this article! Too funny!

Matt Bomer is a classy guy, love his response. I think the whole petition is absolutely ridiculous though. This movie is not life or death and nothing is "ruined"...just give the actors and filmmakers a chance to prove why they earned the spots on the project! Yeesh.

i'm not thrilled any more to watch the fill know i imagened matt bommer and alexis bledel for main actors and i'm not sure i'm going to like the film ! i prefer picturing them in my head when reading the book than to see the fill and be disapointed

i'm not thrilled any more to watch the fill know i imagened matt bommer and alexis bledel for main actors and i'm not sure i'm going to like the film ! i prefer picturing them in my head when reading the book than to see the fill and be disapointed

Get a life it's just a movie, Plus Charlie is hot :D

LOL, you could make it Bomer-Cavill... that would be interesting...

We want Matt for the 50 shades trilogy!



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