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Chelsea Handler Lands New Talk Show, Mega Deal w/ NetFlix

  ​For those mourning Chelsea Handler's departure from E!'s Chelsea Lately and potentially late night television, fear not: Chelsea Handler has just signed a mega-deal with Netflix, giving the streaming service its first talk show, as well as a new stand up comedy special and four new docu-comedy series! 

From Deadline

Like her E! late-night show, which will end its seven-tear run on August 26, the Netflix talker will feature Handler’s unfiltered opinions on topics of the day as well as guest interviews. It has not been determined yet what  frequency the show will be released with — daily, weekly or in-between — with Netflix only noting that it will debut simultaneously in all Netflix territories. “The Internet has disrupted many of the conventions of traditional television and together with Chelsea Handler, Netflix is looking forward to reimagining the late night talk show for the on-demand generation, starting with the late night part….” said Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. 

On her move to Netflix, Chelsea explains:

“If I was going to continue working in this industry, I knew I had to do something outside the box to keep myself interested,” Handler said. “I wanted to sit with the cool kids at lunch so I approached Netflix to make sure they were as cool as I thought they were, and when I confirmed my suspicions, like with any other future lover, I made my move. I’m more excited than I’ve been in awhile, and the team at Netflix is the most forward thinking, alert group I’ve sat down with in ages. No offense to the Shahs Of Sunset.”

Deadline continues:

Before she starts her new talk show, Handler will tape an one-hour stand-up special during the June 20 stop of her tour “Uganda Be Kidding Me” Live in Chicago. It will premiere on Netflix on Oct. 10. And next year, Handler will create four new docu-comedy specials for Netflix featuring her efforts to gain a better understanding on a variety of subjects ranging from NASCAR to politics and from Silicon Valley to the NBA draft. The talk show, stand-up special and  docu-comedy specials will be produced by Handler and her partners in Borderline Amazing, Tom Brunelle and Brad Wollack.

Looks like Chelsea's landed exactly where she wanted! What do you think of her big move, Instincters? Will you watch Chelsea on Netflix?

Look for her new Netflix talk show to launch in early 2016!


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Yep. We will be watching. Cable becoming less important.

I am absolutely thrilled. It will be awesome to see her not so filtered. I've adored her for many years. When I saw her on Girls Behaving Badly, I fell hook line and sinker with every crafty bit of humor and wit. I was absolutely elated to see her on E. This is going to be phenomenal!!!!

I will be a new netflix customer as not to miss a minute of her. The bashing will continue and I will be laughing my ass off on the couch. My family hears me laughing my ass off and says, what the hell are you doing? Watching the best comedy ever!!!!!Now leave me alone......

I will be a new netflix customer as not to miss a minute of her. The bashing will continue and I will be laughing my ass off on the couch. My family hears me laughing my ass off and says, what the hell are you doing? Watching the best comedy ever!!!!!Now leave me alone......

Dear Kevin,

See you in Hell, Darling!!


Your Father

kevdobbins you are such an idiot. 

Chelsea is the epitome of what a worthless cunt is made of. Absolutely NO morals, NO class, NO ambition in her miserable, worthless existence, other than to spew out of her snout vulgarity and just plain filth.

Figures that you gays, some of the most worthless beings that exist in our world, would support this worthless, dirty cunt!

You will all burn in hell, let there be NO mistake of this!

Well, she's making an 8 figure salary doing so, so I'd say she's doing something right.  What about you Kevin?  How's life treating you?

She's a comedian! If you don't like her or her jokes then shhhhhh! Also please watch your fucking language on here. Don't judge people and say they will go to hell when you don't know if you will make it to heaven! Just sayin'!

Which is why her show was broadcast on a network that also gave us many other worthless beings like the Kardashians and Ryan Seacrest.

I'm a huge Chelsea fan and just LOVE HER! I will definitely be watching this Hilarious lady on Netflix. Speaking of I need to pay my subscription...Look she is already helping the company. 

I will absolutely watch her!

Is Chewy coming along?!??!!?

Chelsea is brilliant! Plus she drinks more than I do so whats not to love!  I can't believe she wasn't chased down by one of the big three networks and offered a multimillion dollar deal. She is so much funnier than the male dominated minor league male players on late night t.v.

Way to go Chelsea, I love you and your sense of humour.....Hello Vodka it's me

I sure will watch her, I would track her down and find her...on stalking!

I LOVE Chelsea!   I am going to get my Netflix turned back on again.  I would follow her to any network or social media.  Go to know I will be able to she her after August 26!!!!

I love chelsea and I would follow her no matter what she did.She is an amazing breath of fresh air.  It is time more people say what they really think instead of hiding behind what they think they should say! 

I love my Chelsea and Netflix so I think this is going to be a match made in heaven. I have a feeling there also won't be so many bleeps over what she is saying!  One of the funniest ¥<*{%\> people of our time!! Xoxo

I'm thrilled we won't be losing her and that I can continue to enjoy her sharp wit and sarcasm. I will be tuning in for every episode for sure!

E! just lost the best thing they ever had! I love that Chelsea didn't even bother trying to compete with the big late nighters on cable, she went to the next level. The internet.

So excited and I dont care what it costs I will watch! Netflix you are finally getting somewhere. At first I felt like there werent a lot of movie choices that were new but YOur series are amazing and will keep me watching forever . Now Chelsea Handler. I think you got this!

Hell yes!! Awesome!!

I will miss her nightly she is wonderful and her cast members great

plus Chuie what happens to her side kick nugget?   He is precious?

So how much will this cost to watch her?

$7.99 month... just think thats a meal McDonalds!

It's $8.99/mo now if you want to watch in HD, but it's still totally worth it.

She knows what to do...if it needs changing,..she will change it...the show is will be a learning curve for her as well as Netflix.

excellent!   one more reason to get rid of cable and do Aereo and Netflix

Love her she is hilarious!

Hooray for Chelsea, Netflix has gained a leader in the new wave of standup and edgey talk show formats. A great blending for both!!

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