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Allstate Releases Breathtaking LGBT Pride Ad

Allstate has joined an elite group of companies making extra effort to support the gay community during National Pride Month. In the mostly-animated "Out Holding Hands" ad, the insurance company beautifully captures what it's like growing up in a society that has labeled you "different." 

"We believe everyone should be treated with respect and without judgment no matter who they love," reads a description on Allstate's website. "Everyone deserves to be in good hands." [Emphasis mine.]

What does this have to do with insurance, you ask? Allstate explains: "Being visible should never leave you feeling vulnerable."

Check out the gorgeous video:


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Dear People against Marriage Equality:

Let me put it this way: I've worked and paid taxes since age fourteen. I'm now 68. My taxes went to all the same places yours went EXCEPT for LGBT couples or anything to do with our community. Our taxes paid for your highways, your children's schools, your legislators that you vote for and who tell you great lies to make you think they're going to be good to you. For 68 years I have been nothing other than a gay man. If gay sex repulses you, have you ever considered that straight sex might repulse most, or at least some, of us?

We have been denied equal rights in a nation that guarantees equal rights. And it's all because laws were written based on religious beliefs even though that was forbidden by our founding fathers in the Constitution they prepared that supposedly gave us all equality. 

Even so, you don't see gay people going around shooting schools or raping women and cutting them up like a side of beef. The majority of pedophiles are heterosexual.

If any of you dislike the LGBT community based on what your preacher's or parents' misinterpreting of the Holy Books brought your way, you need to get out more often and meet different types of people. It's not only gay people you hate but any people who aren't exactly like you who are so terrified of this world you refuse to accept anyone who's different. That's your problem and you've made it ours.

I'll be goddamned if gay people are going back into the closet to suit the likes of you bigoted freaks. Every single word of hate that comes out of your mouths is totally against what Jesus taught us. Every act of violence against anyone is absolutely not done with the approval of Jesus Christ, the man whom you all refer to as your Lord and Savior. Read the damned Bible for yourselves and quit listening to someone else and you might learn what Jesus was really like and quit your fucking bullying everyone. You will still do it as an adult (our Republican and Tea Party legislators are a perfect example) if you don't take it upon yourselves to learn the Truth about Jesus.

Many of you hate Jews. Have you ever asked yourself why? Is there any reason you can state to me why you hate Jews? If it's because a monster named Adolf Hitler did, do you know why he hated Jews? Because his mother's doctor was a Jew and the good doctor could not cure Adolph's mother's illness. Plus, Adolph was a wannabe artist and a lot of Jewish people are into the arts because many of them are very talented. Because of is awkward behavior (because he was in a closet just like you people have kept us in a closet forever), most of the people in Berlin's art scene rejected him and didn't want to talk to him. Still love your Hitler?

Well, thanks to people like you and the people you elect, there is a new phase of Hitler's style of running a country coming up. And it's been at work for about 30 years now and, in the form of the Tea Party, is quickly taking our freedoms away and this time yours will be gone, too. So, my friends, instead of being so quick to judge and hate and harm what may be among the most peace-loving people on earth, you'd best spend some time covering your own asses because we're all going down in the name of Corporate Law. And the creators of your beloved Tea Party, Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, are the ones who have divided us so severely that there may be no hope of our ever becoming as one united nation again. 

Thank you for not only hating people needlessly, but for supporting the very people who have stolen our Democracy. And you call us sick.

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Good Luck with that

Thank you for this add

I have one wish for the people in the stringed conversations-- peace. 

Of course this is going to bring a bunch of trolls to the conversation.  I am a straight man and I really enjoyed this commercial.   It actually made me emotional.   Oh and to comment on the rimming comment, i enjoy doing this with women, so I guess I'm gay too by the that logic.  Oh well.   Tolerance.  Love.  To all.  

Thank you.

The ignorance in the comments section is almost comical; you know like when a puppy is so ugly that it is cute?!? Anyway, I am really tired of all the bashing going on against people who have different sexual preferences. This is not a commercial about anything but equality and I feel sorry for the people that do not understand when they repress others, they are just opening up a world of hate. Lesbians, Gays, and Bi-Sexual couples are just as beautiful as any other couple; do not judge others if you do not want others to judge you. 

Anyone who would choose a lifestyle of rimming, fucking and fondling anothers shitter is certainly less than worthless and deserve not to exist. The ass is made to excrete not intake.

uh ok-lets remove guys completely from this picture...what about gay women? You don't know what goes on in every single gay person's bedroom. Every straight person doesn't do sex the same way and either do gay people. How horrifically neanderthal of you.

Funny, I have had many male partners that want to "rim, fuck, and fondle my shitter" (as you so eloquently put it) and I am female...... I have also known many "straight" men who watch porn and masturbate to the same things....... 

Hahahah...well put Faye!  :)

Also why are you on an instinct comment board? I knew boys like you in high school, your kind was the most fun. 

You seem to know a lot about gay sex... Interesting. 

So I don't usually share my opinions on this stuff because I think it is a waste of time. But they say that no one should be judged no matter who they love....that sounds great and all, but what if a 60 year old man decides that he loves a 15 year old girl....or what if someone decides they love a horse....where will it end? If we start tolerating this, then other groups will want to be tolerated to

Let's ask Canada. They've had legal same sex marriage since 2005. Has adults having sex with children become legal there? No. Has bestiality become legal there? No. Is anyone campaigning for those things to become legal? No. Is the general population likely to support such a campaign if it happened? No. 

People have already made it clear how these things differ from gay and lesbian relationships between consenting adults, but let me add that EVEN IF treating same sex couples with respect and equality DID actually lead to some moron trying to legalise acts like child abuse or bestiality, this would not be enough reason not to do it. We shouldn't be denying the rights of people who are doing nothing wrong, because someone else might try to do something wrong. That makes no sense.

The difference is CONSENT!

Ummm. Well a senior citizen abusing a teenager is not the same as two consenting adults. It's cool you tried logic though. Also, that senior+teenager age is really common in the Old Testament... Traditional marriage right? 

People saying how humans might be in love with farm animals has nothing to do with gay rights. This is probably why the US is one of the stupidest countries in in the world. Do you not realize we are one of the only first world countries without gay rights? People like you should just move to the Middle East where more fascists, ignorant people like you dwell. If you want to make this country less free and limit tolerance against a certain group of people, then please get the heck out of this continent. 

I had this big tl;dr reply almost finished when I thought, "Why the hell am I bothering?" You have a hatred for a certain group of people, led by personal opinion which will latch onto any argument against said hated group, no matter how ridiculous it is. But here's your answer, buddy:

"where will it end?" you ask.

My answer: It ALWAYS ends at 100% consent. A 15 year-old cannot consent, a cow cannot consent. Two grown men or two grown women CAN consent. 

You should have stuck with the opening to your comment and moved on to watching lesbian porn. That's what a lot of gay-hating men get into, not realizing the hypocrisy of their chosen get-off material. 


Are you kidding me? Seriously? Did you just crawl out from some hole out the side of a mountain? Maybe you should just climb back in, because you're not ready to live in this world. And for men that judge gays, you are very much hypocrites watching lesbian porn. Also, if you watch porn that involves anything having to do with anal on a girl. Well I guess, you can't really say much either. Straight people do just as much crap that gay people do during sex. So, anyways, sex and making love is their personal business and should not be pushed into who they can love or why two "people" cannot get married. If an old man wants to marry a young girl, at a legal age, then so be it. Marrying a horse? That would never happen. If it did, it would be such a quiet ceremony no one would talk about it. Seriously mind your own damn business and live your life.

tolerance.....what a novel

You are only regurgitating what you've heard by other people in your community. 
You'll find that those same exact arguments have been used for hundreds of years by religious folks scared of progress. Ideas promoted by leaders because it means that religion has less of an absolute hold on the minds of their followers.

What about when we started "tolerating" Irish and Protestants getting married? Blacks or whites? You're on the wrong side of history sadly. But there's really nothing anyone can do to stop your disability of having difficulty reasoning/questioning. It's not your fault directly, but things can start to change with people like you when they wake from the deception they've been forced into all their lives.

Am I the only one wondering why these "homophobic" people are even reading Instinct on Facebook to begin with and then had to sign up as a registered user to comment?  Not secure in their own sexuality perhaps!

Be mad xtian bigots. Your barbaric, ancient, hate book is dying out and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

Love this ad.. I am a straight woman, but firmly believe that everyone should be with the one they love.. Life is too short to be unhappy... We all just need to love one another and think about everyones feelings..

My husband ( altho no license hath been issued as of yet because we live in Alabama a red state ) and I have been with Allstate over the past 2 decades and never has there been any question about our relationship with  our current Allstate rep even tho we have never had any actual face time with her .

Take a trip to Arkansas. Don't hate too much on the red states, change takes time. Best of luck to you. 

For anyone who wants to say homosexuality is "against the Bible" or gay people are "immoral", please read the passages in the Bible that state it isn't YOUR place to judge but to love your fellow man.  If you're going to preach that gay people are "against God", what do you think you're doing when you judge others like that?  You can't pick and choose which passages from the Bible you will adhere to or which ones YOU think God was serious about.

Do not eat  pork, grow multiple veggies in   the same plot of land, and only wear one fabric at a time.

Stop cherry  picking verses from the Bible.

My point exactly, thank you!

If you'd actually ready my post, it wasn't about whether or not the Bible condones or opposed homosexuality, it was about not judging people.  There are multiple passages that state it is not our place to judge others but to love them.  It's God's place to judge.  The Bible also states that if you judge others, you will be judged in the same regard by Him.

Personally?  I believe that since God made all of us, and he doesn't make mistakes, he loves all of us regardless of being gay or straight. 

Kudos to you Jenn for actually knowing the ten commandments  and the added knowledge of the specific one that states " do unto others as you would have them do unto you " which in fact is some thing my husband and I try to live by because if every one would not be a hater to every one else for their different choices then the world would be a much better place .

 I mean if being gay and in love were not a choice of my own I might still be married in a loveless relationship and here I have been with the man who has  vowed to one day become my legaly endowed spouse I might be the father to my ex wife's  two girls and two boys yet for some reason still uses her second married name not mine much less the sir name of the boys father ( s ) .

Yet here I am 28 years later in a relationship bases on love from within the heart as opposed to one of no love stagnating in the quagmire of lovelessness .

So are we just gonna skip over the verses that specifically list homosexuality as a sin? Like, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 -- "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral nor the idolaters nor the adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." And there's at least 5 other verses that mention why God doesn't like homosexuality. 

Do you skip over the verses that say that eating shellfish is a sin? Do you skip over the verses that say you should die if you wear clothes of blended fibres? The reason you don't want to skip over the verses that condemn one sexual orientation is because you don't like, or maybe don't understand, homosexuality and it seems fair to you that the Bible condemns it. You want to believe that some form of authority backs up your homophobia. But shellfish probably doesn't offend your delicate sensibilities, so that verse you just ignore. Yet these things could also get you stoned. The Bible also recommends stoning for disrespectful children. Have your kids shown you disrespect? Are they still alive? My point is that the Bible is full of bad and cruel suggestions for how to punish and condemn behaviours that are not worthy of such punishment and condemnation. It shouldn't be used as a guide to moral behaviour, by anyone. The better response is to stop caring what a foolish ancient text says and use your own reason and judgement to work out that homosexuality is (a) one of many natural sexual orientations, albeit one that is in the minority (who cares?) and (b) none of your fucking business.

First off, one cannot pick a verse out of a bible that contradicts itself constantly, and decide that this is the one they will pay attention to. Also, how can we be sure of an accurate translation? In case a reminder is in order, it wasn't written in English. Plenty of room for error.

We shouldn't ignore these passages, Christian or Buddhist or Atheist, but we should have a more wholesome view of the situation. Many times people will pick a cherry and decide "this is it, this is a cherry" when in reality it's not; it's a cherry out of a hundred, on a single tree out of thousands. 

Jenn , the Bible and God judges and says this lifestyle will NOT lead to heaven. Because someone repeats what GOD stated doesn't make them judgemental. ...I say this not out of hate but of concern. Read Romans 1:32

Right.  I'm only mentioning that you're going to hell out Christian Love TM and concern.  Actually the bible doesn't use the word homosexuality anywhere.  And if your version does it's been corrupted by modernity and bad translation.   However it is pretty specific about divorce and adultery of course internet trolls are never banging on about how those people are going to hell or refusing them equality in civic life.

Aww, that was sweet!

As far as these homophobic, religion-based comments go... I have a hard time accepting an opinion that something is wrong because "it's in the bible". A few of you say that those who disagree with the bible and don't believe in God are turning away from morality, but you don't understand that morality is purely subjective. One could even say that those who don't follow the bible (or a religious text) have a better sense of what morality is, as they think for themselves and don't let a book tell them how to think.

One /could/ say.

Though I'm an agnostic, I'm a big fan of the Wiccan rede: "An it harm none, do as ye will."

Love is a gift. It doesn't matter who you fall in love with- race, gender, social status... as long as two (or more) people are happy together, we shouldn't be trying to impede them simply because their relationship isn't one we would enjoy ourselves.

Made me cry also! For a different reason, I cry because our society is morally bankrupt! Disgustingly Perverted!

You are an awful person.

I cry because people like you judge others... without fully considering what it is like to walk their path and experience what they have experienced. "Who am I to judge?" -Pope Francis. I believe you are morally bankrupt. "Our" society is not morally bankrupt--Your "society" is. I will not be associated intolerance. "Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye." Matthew 7:3-4

Really? You don't have the courage to post your name .   Interesting that you will hide behind the bible to justify your own narrow mindedness 

And, you are the perfect example!

uhhh...there's no such thing as a god. 

You sure sound sure....what if you're wrong?

What if you're not praying to the right one?

Me too! You can hate Jesus and hate Christians and disagree with Morals. But if you disagree with homosexual sin, you're a hater and lose your job! This world is upside down. Don't be fooled by sin guys. Seek God and follow his commands. Repent and turn to Christ! Only God can satisfy what sexual immorality cant. Alcohol, lying, stealing, adultery are all sins that need to be given to Christ. He will heal us when we trust him.

Let's stop these silly fights, and let's cooperate like human beings. Hate does not stop hate at anytime, love stops hate-- this is an old rule. 

I don't think people disagree with morals or principles.  You're just building a straw man.  People generally don't lose their jobs for having unpopular opinions.  They may if they chose to express those opinions in ways that are against the employers rules of conduct or create an environment of harassment in the workplace. 

I like that you point to losing a job as the bedrock of your claim to being persecuted.  Homosexuals are literally killed for being who they are.  They're killed by 'god loving Christians' all over the world.  Don't believe me?  Look at Harvey Milk, the legal slaying of a city council member and the mayor only 40 years ago.  Look at Africa, look at Russia for examples of modern day persecution.  You are not being persecuted.

"god" is a myth created by primitive man to explain the wonders of the world that they didn't understand. the "rules" in your ficticious book were written by MEN. Men who lived in a time when women were property, and had NO rights.

I hate the hypocritical "christians" who pick and choose which parts of their fairytale they like to follow, but ignore those that they don't so they can "sin" in "good conscious"...

Remember, divorce, wearing clothing of mixed materials, and even being in the same ROOM as your wife while she's having her monthly are SINS.

Get off your high horse, think for yourself, and stop pretending you're so f*cking special, because you're NOT.

Is wine alcohol?

You don't understand Jesus and you don't understand compassion. You're just an angry coward twisting ancient words to justify your bigotry. These tiny anonymous boxes are the last refuge of your bankrupt worldview: enjoy the dustbin of history, because that's where you are from now on. 

Love it. Well said. love it!

Beautiful ad!! It made me cry. I'm straight and I hope one day, everyone will be able to enjoy the same rights and not have to go through the pain of being judged by society simply based on whom they love. 

Someone was complaining about PACs and stuff, but I don't think it matters at all if it's a marketing ploy because if you look at it for what it is, what it truly is, is a message supporting equality. For any major American company to do that so publicly is amazing in and of itself. Whatever you think about All-State, what you should really take away from this ad is the message of acceptance and tolerance it conveys. (Honestly, I felt like it was more of an LGBT support ad than an insurance ad!!) 

hehehe... gross...

You are gross!

Geico has insured me and my wife for many years, even before we were married and just living together.  They have been respectful and equal in all of our dealing.  I will be a Geico customer for all my insurance needs.

OK. I cannot keep silent about this anymore. GLBTQ and thinking about switching to Allstate? DON'T and please share to counteract this deception.

There's something called emotional marketing, and Allstate is taking advantage of "pride month" with this ad. Look a little deeper and you'll see... Allstate is no friend of yours.

So, it may look a little "balanced" at the top... but keep reading down. Boehner? Republican Main Street Partnership? Heartland Values PAC?Every Republican is Crucial? ERIC CANTOR? etc, etc.

NEVER trust any corporation that uses emotional marketing... especially when it is timed so perfectly.

The only insurance company that doesn't have a contribution profile like this? Progressive... and that's why their name is "Progressive"!

National Republican Senatorial Cmte $15,000
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte $15,000
National Republican Congressional Cmte $15,000
New Democrat Coalition $10,000
American Council of Life Insurers $5,000
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $5,000
Republican Main Street Partnership $5,000
Financial Services Roundtable $5,000
Heartland Values PAC
(Affiliate: John Thune (R-SD)) $2,500
Every Republican is Crucial PAC
(Affiliate: Eric Cantor (R-Va)) $2,500
Freedom Fund
(Affiliate: Mike Crapo (R-Idaho)) $2,000
Republican Majority Fund
(Affiliate: Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga)) $2,000
Blue Hen PAC
(Affiliate: Chris Coons (D-Del)) $1,000
Responsibility & Freedom Work PAC
(Affiliate: Roger Wicker (R-Miss)) $1,000
Professionals in Advertising PAC $1,000
Pioneer PAC
(Affiliate: Patrick J. Tiberi (R-Ohio)) $1,000
Empire PAC
(Affiliate: Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)) $1,000
Hoyer's Majority Fund $1,000
Oceans PAC
(Affiliate: Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)) $1,000
Lincoln PAC
(Affiliate: Mark Kirk (R-Ill)) $1,000
*Based on data released by the FEC on May 19, 2014

Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics. For permission to reprint for commercial uses, such as textbooks, contact the Center.

Companies are always concerned about their "Image". Any company who is willing to put "Image" at risk by supporting the LGBT community . . is worth my $$. Its very simple!

Okay if you are looking soley at donations-I see your point. BUT-I have been with Allstate for over 10+ years and this isn't new for them. They have been progressive and GLBT friendly and supportive to their clients this whole time. They never advertised that they were so openly supportive but I can tell you when I interviewed prospective insurance companies over 10 years ago they were the onyl ones who ever asked if my partner would be added, and asked how long we were together and made me feel welcome in an "ordinary" kind of way. This advertising is new but this treatment is how they have been treating their clients for some time.

Very good.

Nicely done.

right on

The times have changed it appears.  My partner and I were denied joint insurance by Allstate in 1985.  We went to State Farm and there was no problem whatsoever for them to write the policies.

...just the other day I wrote policies for a same-sex couple that were married out of state (gay marriage is not recognized in our state) and when I called underwriting about how to define them all they said was, "A marriage license is all it takes for us...they're married."  Our local gay pride festival will have 3 booths representing State Farm this year and it makes me very proud to work for a company that is changing things.

This is not comparing being gay to a physical deformity- this is an analogy. Think about it. In the commercial it's about a person who is afraid of letting their true self show because of fear of rejection. The big hand displays how it sets them apart from others, a trait which the character at first hates because he doesn't want to be treated differently. But when he meets this man, whom he loves, he realizes he can't worry about being different anymore if he wants to stay with this guy, and that if he wants to live a happy life he needs to accept himself, and his sexuality, aka his "big hand."

Just as a little balance to the applause of an insurance company...


Bravo. I may have to switch to Allstate. First they have President David Palmer ("24") as a spokesperson and now this.

Don't. See my post and where their PAC money goes. It's all marketing and all they care about is your money... not you.

For the love of god, let it go. What isn't "emotional marketing?"  United Negro College Fund?  The warm and fuzzy Maxwell house spots? The "fly United" with the soldier coming home? The Coke Olympic spots with the bears? And lets not even start on Disney. A trip to an amusement park isn't going to save your life, but a single ad spot can at least give you hope, no matter how "emotional" YOU think it is.

That's the kind of work that keeps hundreds of thousands of marketing and advertising people employed/  Just let it GO already, it's a commercial, not a kidney transplant.

Great video, great support and a great song! Wish more companies would come out so-to-speak.

Wow.  Just wow.  Bravo!!  If just ONE person sees this and changes their mind or if ONE kid finds comfort or strength, then it was money well spent.


I am a lesbian and I find this to be very beautiful! For the people who took offense to this because they think they were comparing being gay to a disability, thats not how I personally took it at all.. I see it as if thats how society as a whole sees every gay person.. Then when (in my personal experience) find the one that makes u feel complete and safe thats when u feel like you are normal, no matter how everyone else sees u.. Thats a wonderful commercial! Well done Allstate, so proud to be a customer!

This is incredible! I want to switch to Allstate now! #beautiful

Very nicely done. The "hands" analogy was nicely integrated, despite he misled whines about "physical deformity" comparisons.

I've been meaning to check the rates at State Farm for years now. My husband and I love how quickly and hassle free Allstate has been but just wonder if we could get the same for less at another company.  After seeing this ad, I think we'll stay with Allstate, even if we could save a bit of money elsewhere. We like to support a company that stands up for the groups who are unjustly marginalized by society. We are straight and hope that one day, nobody will care one way or another. s.


I guess you are using an obscure definition.

Anything for a buck. The only intent is to increase market share.

As if..., lots more Bigots to lose than Gays to gain in the US!

No way. The gays are taking over this country, along with the downfall of our morals. Don't you see gays are the majority? Of you're not "supportive", you're "a hater" or a "bigot". The country is being bullied by this gay rights movement. It should be a country where we're free to feel however we feel, but if you feel unsupportive of homosexuals (because people have strayed from what is natural, right, and God's teachings), you can lose your job.

Ha ha ha...Gays are takign over this country? Gays are in the majority? In the last census bureau statistics they said 10% of the population is gay so dumbass the majority of people are straight in thr USA. But, common sense and a growing interest in equaity has lead many of those straight people to realize discrimination is WRONG.  Stop watching lesbian porn -its not natural bro! (by the way lesbian porn is usually made by straight men...for straight men about a decline in morals)

So the free market works then. Good to know. 

Hit the mark for me.  I caught all the feels.  And I LOVED the song.

Is it just me, or does it seem outrageous to compare gay people to people with physical deformities? Sorry Allstate, but you REALLY missed the mark. This ad depicts a person living a life as an outsider suffering from sadness and isolation. I find this abhorrent. As a gay man I prefer not to be reminded of what it was like to be in the closet. Why not show someone celebrating the joy of living an out proud life, blending in with the rest of the people in his surroundings? I'm so appalled by this imagery, suggesting we're some sort of mutants who don't fit in, until we find solace in another mutant. This is so offensive it's astounding!

Yep, it's you.

Ha ha, wow, lighten up. Your life must be so stressful.

I completely agree.

I disagree. Sometimes nothing stands out more than two men holding hands. When my husband and I walk hand-in-hand just out for a walk or on our way to work, you should see the looks we get. Allstate's hand ad hits remarkably close to home for me and I suspect for many others. 

Displaying "affection" through a simple gesture of hand-holding is a great way to get the message across. The ad has nothing to do with comparing being gay to physical deformity. 

Congrats to Allstate. 

The "big hands" analogy is both a gesture to the Allstate  logo and their theme. Your politics aside, this is designed to reflect the experience of the many, not the few.  Your desire to "blend in with the rest of the world" is an option that arrived only recently. In a world where DADT and DOMA have only recently been struck down, should blending in be your choice, not everyone has the option. To you it may feel "offensive" to others it is a bell of hope where often there was none before.

Did you watch the whole video, Greg?  At the end the 'outsiders' DO end up blending in with their surroundings.  Try thinking before you type next time.

YOU are so offensive it's astounding!  Finally companies are coming out to support you (a HUGE financial risk for them) and you piss, moan and whine like a schoolgirl! 

-Jesus H Christ, you don't deserve their care.

@Greg Boas:

You complain about comparing being gay to a "physical deformit(y)."  Then while accusing Allstate of missing the mark you go on to say "You prefer not to be reminded of what it was like to be in the closet." 

Your admission of being uncomfortable with this "reminder" proves Allstate didn't miss the mark at all.  In fact Allstate hit the bullseye with you, they reminded you of how life for us WAS.  In this very real way they are dispelling the closet with this ad.  A MAJOR American company is showing two gay men finding each other and using a PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION in their ad.

Your whining only spoils the grandeur of this moment.  Take another look from the prospective of a straight person.  The happy ending is only effective when one can feel the pain of rejection.  WE KNOW THAT PAIN HAVING LIVED IT.  Allstate has found a way consistent with their "Good Hands" motto to convey our pain and celebrate where we are today.

For you to miss the "Good Hands" tie-in is incredible.

Thank you,for this response...I loved it and I loved the video also...I'm straight and it made me cry...I would hate for anyone of my loved ones to be treated like this!!Thank you again and thank yu Allstate!!

Well said, John and Elmer. Greg, you need to wrap your head around the symbolic, philosophical and spiritual aspects of this commercial as opposed to being so concrete. I'm pleased you appear to have been lucky enough to come out in a culture where being gay isn't equated with being disabled and that you are so incredibly healthy in your self esteem and self image, but not everyone is. Frankly, more people aren't than are. Perhaps you should take another look at this commercial from the perspective of someone who has always been made to feel an outsider - as if they are in some way wrong for the biological preferences they were born with.

I found this to be a beautiful representation of the journey from sadness and isolation to togetherness and love. For me, it represents hope, love, and acceptance. You go Allstate! Well done!

The problem is that is how some people do see gays. So many feel like since people look at them that way that they feel that way. Maybe you lived in a more accepting community but i came from a place where people did look at gays this way.


Throughout the video the "animated" depicts the mental image of "thinking/believing" something is physically wrong, when the animation fades to reality you see the real world as it is without the mental deformities. All-State obviously put a lot behind this too support LGBT,... not to further oppress.


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