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Video: Miley Cyrus Breaks Silence On VMA Performance

Miley Cyrus opened up to MTV about her controversial Video Music Awards performance with Robin Thicke. See what she has to say!

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Do you agree with Miley??


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I hope she stop doing that kind of act!!!! my daughter love her so much & we even watched her concert in Philippines with VIP tickets together with friends. She dont need to prove anything because she is already a star! very talented,pretty & blessed. what she can ask more???? you given a chance to be famous out of billions of people in this earth used it properly because a lot of teenager are looking forward for you & they copy what you do(at least most of your tweetums before)never waste your talent or ruin it for stupid acts.enjoy it while your young & invest great things about it so you will remember as great in your crafts not stupidity acts. i know your not perfect but thats why we are human, we have ability to think/choose what is right or wrong. Please be always in right side in taking decision. at least most of it.

Wow... Miley.... A Bit Less Cocaine... Would Help...

I agree with her

I'd say she's a little bit defensive. Pop diva she is not. Unapologetic, maybe that was her lesson in all this. -whoops, I made a mistake, sorry.- But, then, she'd have to realize how much of a mistake she made.

There's been a lot of focus on how outrageous. sexual & lewd her performance was, but I don't really think that was so shocking about it.  What was shocking to me was how ridiculous it was.  She just looked like a drunk, horny Great Dane puppy.  It was just desperate & tragic.  That "Can't Stop" song is ludicrous.

I had a math teacher once, that told me: "One day you will realize that people are laughing at you & not with you".  She was a bitch, but she was right.  Miley is just a kid who didn't figure it out yet.  One day she'll get it, that she isn't telling the joke, she is the joke.

Good luck Miley.

Well maybe a little more thought would have gone a long way, Miley...

She's absolutely right--she did NOT think about it.

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