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Kids Recreate Madonna's 1990 MTV VMA Performance Of "Vogue"

Leave a bunch of Estonian theater kids and their costume department alone in a Victorian mansion for a weekend and you get a repeat-worthy viral video recreation of Madonna's unforgettable "Vogue" performance at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards. 


(h/t: Boy Culture)


Great job to you all in Estonia! Glad you were inspired by Madge, and you sure made one hell of a video.

My favorite video from Madonna...they did a great performance. Kudos 2 them.

wow mr.Paterson,i just wanna let you know that those madonna years from the blond ambition choreography was really something to remember...great job...congrats and thank you for the inspiration.

Trying to find this on YouTube and I can't find it please help!'

Wow really good

One of the most EPIC performances in MTV Video Music Awards (make that ALL awards show) history! So glad to see the children motivated and inspired by this brilliance.

I am so flattered that more than 20 years later, dancers are still inspired by this piece that I conceived and choreographed for Madonna and her wonderful dancers.

You, in Estonia, all did a really fin and fun job.

Vincent Paterson

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