4 Arrested, But One Suspect's Sexy Mugshot Is Getting Him ALL The Attention

This is why we love the internet.  

According to local northern California news affiliate FOX 40, four men were arrested in Stockton, California in a weapons sweep--but one is getting extra attention from internet commenters based on his smoking hot mugshot!!

Helloooooo, Jeremy Meeks!

30-year-old Meeks--with a caramel complexion, lips like pillows, cheekbones for days, and eyes like the ocean--was arrested along with three others: 22-year-old Terry Bailey, 18-year-old Jurzi Coleman and 44-year-old Joelin Coleman, all on felony weapon charges. 

FOX 40 writes:

Since this story has aired, Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot has gotten a lot of online attention from people more concerned about his looks than his crimes. Comments like “he’s hot”, “is it illegal to be that sexy?”, etc. accompany his picture on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page.

We have no interest in going to prison, but if our fortunes changed...

Jeremy, we will be your cellmate. 




"Beauty fades dumb is forever"

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This story has made it to the local newspapers and tv news outlets. I don't get it. First, why is this news? Second, why isn't the news media instead glorifying "average" looking guys who are doing good and positive for this world, instead of this loser? 

The comments here further prove what lack o f morals gays have, as they are only concerned with his looks, not the fact that he is a violent criminal.

Typical worthless nigger.

You are a repugnant Human being.

oh yeah  -I bet those "lips like pillows" were real seductive when he pointed an automatic weapon at some poor soul.....

BTW, this story was also on our local news. WHY is this news?

I'm sure there are PLENTY of good looking guys in jail! Why is this guy garnishing so much attention? I don't get it. It must have been a slow news day.

Come to another sexy place in Cambodia http://goo.gl/q6Rw4E

Is Christianity lost?  Did this guy make bad choices, yes.  Does that make him a bad person, No.  "Those who have not sinned shall cast the first stone."   So keep talking...

I think he his a loser.. and he will probably be a good little bitch in d.o.c.

Hag alert!!!!

he doesn't do it for me at all.  don't see what the hype is all about it.    

Well, you're a moron then.

LOL! Well, you are a superficial moron then!

God what ever the case my be if this his shift for success let thy will be done. Only you know where or wht LIES for  his future. Touch, forgive, and deliver some of these people on here from these  racial evil thoughts. So I ask father pardon there foolishness and let them know that you love people of all colors. Also I ask that you give them a reality check that color just might save there life one day.God most of all you show them love and let them know it has no color to it. Thank you for dark Skin and all skins of shades. P,.S Love and forgiving !!!!!!! is the answer never judge a book by it's color even though me make wrong choices. God is a more than a second chance God!!!!!!! Am I my brothers Keeper, Yes I am.


WOW!  I am disheartened after reading some comments on here....Is it the kind of society we are becoming, superficial jerks??  THE GUY IS A THUG, A CRIMINAL, A PRISONER, A VILLAIN AND A CONVICT.  Never mind his looks, he is a bad member of this society; he is hurting people.  I AM SURE THAT IF HE WOULD HURT SOMEONE IN YOUR FAMILY, YOU WOULD NOT FIND HIM SOOOOO HAAAWT!  Get a grip people, good looks won't keep you ALIVE!!  All of his "good looking genes" have been replaced by his ugly person he has become.  UGLY. DISGUSTING.

Wow all it said was he had previous gang related charges and was arrested because they did a weapons sweep on 11 peoples houses and found weapons....HE IS HAWWWWT!!!

EXACTLY AGREED! Nobody could say it better, to hell with the fact that hes half black that has nothing to do with it and racism is just as fucked up as whatever this man did to land himself in jail, but on the other hand seriously you women are the only ones who need a reality check, the same girl that says shed lay down for this man is the same chick that would help him commit the crime so in reality you girls are just as much of a skid marks on the panties of society just like this sidewalk sissy lol so carry on bitches. I promise this homo will be snatching some dudes pocket very quickly inside the pin and he will be getting rump raped for breakfast every morning lol

You ladies ok with laying with a man whos anal passage is about as wide as a corn ON the cobb? haha be my guest but im sorry to say you might wanna purchase a strap-on cause homeboy is gonna be bending over for you sluts when he is released lmao not the other way around

Great then that means I can have him. Just cuz he screwed up which we ALL do doesnt take away from the fact that he is sexy as all hell lmaoo

why are all you people judging him do you know his life or have you ever lived in the ghetto...if not then you need to be quiet nd let him be he's doing his time don't judge a book by its cover

Its pretty easy to judge when you know exactly why hes going to jail lmao fucking ignorant, have you been to the hood? i grew up in the meth capital of the world and i still put in 60+ hours a week pouring concrete and im 23, this mans thirty and hes still playing gangster with his butt buddies cause he watches to much fucking t.v and plays to much grand theft auto lol use the brain god gave you to come up with a better assumption then....''he lives in the ghetto'' lmao probably the most racist thing posted on hear and nobody noticed but myself

ghetto isnt a racist word i grew up in the ghetto and im proud of it.... your concerned about the word ghetto and everyone else is using other fowl ass language

Typical nigger! Always some drama with them, ruining our country like this. If lincoln had never freed them this country would truly be a cleaner, powerhouse! These beasts need to be shackled and caged like animals, as this is the only literal way of controlling them.

Your awesome just to let you know. But instead of controlling them just wipe them off the face of this earth

Omg I have never heard a more racist comment in my life. If you dont like it get your CRACKER (sorry all the other white people that arent as narrow minded as this person) ass the fuck off the blog!!!! Smfh

Omg I have never heard a more racist comment in my life. If you dont like it get your CRACKER (sorry all the other white people that arent as narrow minded as this person) ass the fuck off the blog!!!! Smfh

and since he is half white typical child molesting, serial killer, mass shooting, and dont forget canabalistic  bastard just like you ... so sad for that  since white people have always been free..... so maybe you should see why your your young white boys are so insane that do are doing mass shootings and killing little children... 

Your parents should have been medically sterilized. It's breeders Ike them that give humans a bad name. 

You're garbage. 

You suck your mom's dick with that mouth? You uneducated trash bag. You're the problem with this country.

i think you need to keep your racial comments to yourself not everyone is like that i am half black...never got into trouble nd my dad is black and was in the navy so why don't your shut your racist ass up and deal with it because we're here to stay bitch

Racist comments are so ignorant..why does he make u so angry...deal with your insecurities.. He's beautiful and unfortunately he will have to deal with the consequences of his actions 

Bottom line.....this guy IS very goodlooking!!! Unfortunately for him, he's a criminal. He committed a crime, so he'll have to suffer (or not), the consecuences. That still doesn't take away the fact that he is a very goodlooking man!!

. . . Does anyone know what the Tattoo of a TEARDROP MEANS!!!!! 

I mean really EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IS ANOTHER SIGN OF DANGER (ex. Roses=Thorns, Colorful Snakes=Poison)

Yes one meaning is that the person was raped and another is a person they had to kill.

My husband's a C/O. A tear drop simply means you've been incarcerated. That's it!

This moron is living proof of the old adage "Beware the mask of beauty; for behind lies cruelty, terror evil and jealousy"

Nothing sexy about a nappy headed oreo half-nigger...

dont you oreos are the best you racist bitch

Don't be jealous! You most likely don't look one inch as goodlooking as Jeremy Meeks!! He should be a model!! You're just a jealous prick!!

Brilliant response from racist bigoted rancid pus-infected goat rectum

I wish I was the officer that frisked him I would have took my time.!!!!!

welll did he kill some one orr is the asscops being drama queens

This is a porn star in the making...casting agents wait for hot guys like this to come out and offer a great deal for cash...stay tuned

The tear tattoo near his eye means he has killed someone as part of his gang initiation.  Are you guys really so horny and desperate that you are going to fantasize over this thug?

Actually that is not what it means at all.  It's original meaning it's a prison gang tat representing shedding a tear for someone that you have lost a gang brother...idiot

No it could also mean he has spent many years incarcerated dont judge

Do you not understand that's a turn on for someone. Knowing the person youre sleeping next to you can kill you and not give a shit. Its terrifyingly erotic

He so dam handsome pray a Hollywood agent grabs him up and do a career change for the better.

You have the right to remain sexy!!!

Hahaha good one!!!

The only form of humiliation for men who have had there manhood taken in prison is where the sagging pants and cool aid on the lips started .... that ive ever heard of with his good looking self and I mean good looking I rather just assume its from a loss or he commited a murder any thing is better than having to know he had to take it and you know what I mean and where ... but yeah definitely a sexy man yoo bad he's a criminal smh.

Yes pretty on the outside but I bet his teeth are rotten lol.

Hot or Not ! Did the crime do the time....

Shit I'll be his cell mate and his piece of ass

I want a man like to mug me..

I think he's kinda ugly... or rather not ugly, but he looks like some botched post-op tranny with some terminal disease with how gaunt his face is. All the fat from his cheeks fell in his lips. If Angelina Jolie had a hoodrat brother, this would be him.

You can only dream of having luscious lips like his! Jealousy!!!!

Well should get lots of ass in prison

Meeeeyow!  Well his modeling or rapping career just got a big fat kickstart. 

He should have tried a legitimate and legal path in life.  A model, perhaps.  But stupid is as stupid d does.  He wasted a potential career that 'could' have netted him much more money than his stupid criminal career.  Dumbass

Lol, cheekbones and pillowy lips... Instinct staff you're crazy,lol!!

Should have been a model or an actor. Poor guy.

This is plain and simple stupid article. Promote felon and swine. How idiotic. 

Then why did you read the article? Idiotic?


He is beautiful but almost all predators of almost all species are beautiful in some manner or other, yes he is beautiful on the outside but what kind of predator lurks under the skin of this beautiful facade and what is he capable of?

You must know a lot of hot sexy screw ups. How sad for you...

This comment is so stupid and false.

bi racial men are usually beautiful - i'm living proof :)

Tear drops mean you killed someone.

Is that a tear drop tattoo under his eye? Originally these tatts were placed on men in prison to signify that the bearer was owned by a fellow prisoner. In prison terms "there bitch." The tear drop signifies that pain and humiliation one would feel after being "turned out" in prison. The tattoo is placed on the face to further humiliate the victim and mark them in a place where they could not cover the mark.

Confusion about it's meaning has come from the victim's having to explain the tattoo when they get out of prison and have to explain it to family and loved one's. They would often state that they got the tattoo because they killed a man in prison. This statement was not far from the truth since their submissive act of becoming another man's "bitch" could easily be viewed as the death of their manhood.

Problems arose when men on the outside began to get the tattoos and brag that it signified their killing someone or lost a loved one. Unwittingly they had marked themselves as a target for predators if they ever went to prison. 

I wonder what the significance is for this stud?

In California it's never meant that it meant you did 5 years per tear drop in prison. Then it meant that you killed someone or stabbed them. Now it's whoever wants one a bunch of cowards have them

I'm pretty sure tear drop tattoos represent people who have died. Depending on the side of the face, it means it was either a close friend/family member/ loved one, or that you actually killed someone. 

In South Africa, an empty teardrop means you lost a close/loved one in gang warfare, or by murder. A couloured in one, means you got your revenge and paid back that death by killing the person responsible.

Besides, gangsters aren't going to keep "prison bitch" tattoos on their face when they get out... 

If I have to go to jail put me in his cell. Mmmmmmm! What a hunk?

Get a life!!  Oh wait no never mind, he would probably kill you anyway!

Too bad he didn't capitalize on his looks instead of turning to a life of crime.....  "L" Loser...

I second that. I don't know how tall he is, but if he's over 5'11", he could have easily had a high-paying modeling job. Who knows what happened? Maybe he thought he could never "punk out" by doing like something like that for a living. The ghetto culture tells you it's more masculine and respectable to be a criminal in prison than to be a model who women want to sleep with. It's so stupid.

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