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IOC President Admits Olympics Cannot Stop Russia's Anti-Gay Law During Sochi Games

Jacques Rogge, the outgoing president of the International Olympic Committee, has admitted that the IOC is powerless in the face of how Russia chooses to enforce it's heinous anti-gay law during the Sochi Winter Olympics. 

‘We have received some oral and written assurances about the fact the Russian Federation will respect the Olympic charter and no negative effect will occur for people attending in or participating in the Games," Rogge said while speaking in Buenos Aires. "But one should not forget that we are staging the games in a sovereign state and the IOC cannot be expected to have an influence on the sovereign affairs of a country."

Feeling powerless against the Draconian laws of a fascist regime is one thing, but promising to also punish athletes who support human rights at your event is another. 

Rogge also revealed that Yelena Isinbayeva's position as an Olympic ambassador may, in fact, be at risk after her anti-gay comments spewed in Russia last month. "This is something we will consider in due time," Rogge said.

(Via Gay Star News)



Why am i not surprised by the IOC's decision. All talk and no balls and back bone.

the IOC, why are they being such huge cunts?  & why are the nations& the IOC NOT saying, "hey, let's movie the olympics to an LGBT friendly country" ?  where's the backbone?   I am gay & autistic.   people need to wake up !!!!!!

But they can punish Russia because of it. Cowards; complicit to the rape, torture, beating, imprisonment, silencing, and murder of innocent human beings. They have blood on their hands.

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