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Levi's Launches Rainbow-Themed Line To Celebrate Gay Pride Month

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Levi's, long the harbinger of American cool, has debuted a rainbow-themed line of clothing in honor of LGBT Pride month. The new apparel collection includes items like tees and tanks for men and women, embellished with a rainbow version of Levi's ionic "batwing" logo on their fronts and "Pride 2014" on their backs.

"Equality is not something we just wear; it’s woven into the fabrics of our principles," Levi's officials said in an email press release.

Fans can pick up Levi's special LGBT apparel through the end of Pride Month at retail locations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and D.C. Proceeds of sales from the Pride line will go to benefit LGBT advocacy organizations. 

The Pride line doesn't mark Levi's first handshake with the gay community, however; back in 1992 the apparel maker was the first to offer benefits to same-sex couples.

If you don't think it still takes a lot of courage for an international brand to stick its neck out for the LGBT community (especially with something as market-saturated as an entire special line of apparel), think again. Thank you Levi's, for the continued support!

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Thanks Levi for the support.

Well, it's not available online, and the online customer service cannot tell you which stores the Pride product is available in.  Best advice was to call each store and ask for it.  The first Levi's store I called in my area had no idea what I was asking for.  If anyone finds these products in the LA/OC California area, can you reply and let me know where?  I am not accustomed to having to look this hard (lol, yes I'm spoiled and lazy) to spend my cash.  Levi's take a tip from Nike and get this product online!  LOL, thanks Instinct for the write up however.  It's great that more BIG corporate companies other than alcohol are catering to the gay population. 

Thanks for the info.

If Levi's takes equality seriously they should extend it through their entire supply chain and end the abusive labor practices in their overseas factories.

can you buy them online?

3 hours from DC. YES!

Call one of the stores in these markets and see if they can arrange a way to send to you!

Bummer I would like to get one of the caps. But I live in the Dallas area and have no plans on visiting any of the places that are listed.

You know I've heard about this thing called the internet and I believe they take credit cards. ;)

The items are not available on the internet, as stated by many other posts.  Only 3 cities carry them, Chicago, NY, San Fran.

Where can I buy these in Riverside county???

Probably la county or in weho.  IE probably won't carry it unless it's in PS.  

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