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Mom Walks In On Young Bodybuilder Who's Posing In A Thong

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Kieren "Flex" Billen, 19, was minding his own business, throwing down some bodybuilding poses in nothing but a thong for his YouTube channel. Before the fantasies of his millions of fans could fully form, however, his adorable mom interrupted the show, leading to an awkward situation for the both of them. 

Though Kieren has labeled his mom walking in as the "bodybuilding fail" here, the real fail is filming an otherwise popcorn-worthy moment in portrait mode. 




it is hilarious that this is a LGBTQ oriented site, yet people have the time to hate, say degrading non-sense. Listen if you do not like it mind your own business. We welcome all who grown enough to have a mature sense that we are all human there will always be all kind of people, but worse than the diseases some people fight gay or straight, is the disease of discrimination solely on the basis that it makes you uncomfortable. no matter how different we are, we are all human, you your mother, your father, etc. Stay blessed everyone.

Bet you fags wanna spread your AIDS to his ass.

Come on admit it! That you enjoy hiding your status, cutting the condom wen he is not looking, so that you may spread your fag disease to unsuspecting partners.

No wonder the world is repulsed by your ways.

No, but we're sure repulsed by scum such as yourself.

We're not the ones posting irrational barebacking fantasies.

This is ridiculous. It's amazing how brave someone can be when they are hidden behind their electronic device! I bet you would never say something like that when you are face to face with an actual "FAG". Have fun living your pathetic "anonymous" life!

Wow, so un-informed, yet here you are browsing through homo-erotica. Do you know that most gay haters such as yourself are usually gay themselves, but so afraid to come out they portray their dislike of themselves onto what they actually are. God bless you to be true to yourself.

One protests too much, and you must be a very powerful person being able to talk for the world. I suggest you check your sources as your views are not representative of me or any of my friends so my little corner of the world isn't repulsed. Indeed is more repulsed by the thought of breathing the same air as a arrogant scum like yourself have a gay day haha xx

Wow!!! This hott and sexy young man beat cancers ass and look at him now!!! Perfection!!!!

This is to the guy that called this sexy poser "ugly looking"!!! 

Let see you in something like what this sexy and hott poser is wearing and if you so fine why not wear nothing at all !!!!!!

To the hott and sexy poser; don't pay any mind to the haters!! They are just very jealous and frustrated cause they want your cock/ass but can't have it!! 

Let me put these negative ass bitches in their place for you!!! 

If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all!!! And if you think he's that bad don't fuckin watch him!!! 

The ones calling this sexy poser ugly and others being negative, just shut the fuck up!!!

Hey Mr. poser!!! You are so fkn hot and sexy!!! If you ever need/want somewhere to dock your cock, I'm available!!!! 

that's not a thong!

#disappointed #misleadingtitle :(

That was set up. Don't you think?

Cute until he opens his mouth.  Then, it was like...DUHHHH.  Just sayin'.

He is so cute and even cuter when he stopped "posing." 

Aww he's like a little boy who's just been scolded.

I just say... he is cute when his mother come to his room. :D

One straight man more on a gay magazine!!!

All the male bodybuilders are straight. ABSOLUTELY!!

that's not a thong it's a posing suit/strap

POOR little Daily Grind grasping for some type of relevance! What a joke

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He is cute. He has a cute teen face with a huge body builder body. I usually dont like big musclely guys but he's decent. Cute butt lol

Awwww poor baby :)

Old dried up hag wants some a that cock.

Not really embarassing. After all she could have walked in on him doing something else. Beautiful bod kid!!!!

precious. love it. love him.

I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THAT ASS AND THOSE THIGHS!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANNA GET MY HANDS ON THEM!!!!!!!! so boyishly handsome too!!!! reminds me of one of my gym crushes only buffer and shorter!!!! i'm so into young ones lately!!!!!!

Lol. How old r u

Beautiful.  Give him lots of credit!!! He should be proud!!

He is ugly looking

Omg miss thing!!!  Calling him ugly looking must mean that you are totally and completely sexy. 

Lets see what you got!!! Let's see you out-pose this beautiful poser!!! You are jealous of this totally hot and sexy guy cause you know damn good and well you can never get a guy like him!!! So STFU!!!!


Yeah tats not a thong

I don't think that is actually a thong.  Its a bikini as far as i know

wow he is hot

He's sexiest when he isn't posing.

Oh I would have to agree....  He is quite the stud


Just a grab for more attention. Let him know this site is basically a bunch of adolescent girls and his hot vids are welcome without a fake story.

don't care, we've all done it and 90% of us don't look 1/2 as good.I'm more impressed he is in a thong and has what looks like a normal conversation with Mom.

He has a strong future in the sport of bodybuilding.


It's a "Brazilian Bikini". You can order them on line from Cover Male. They come in about 8 colors. I love wearing mine.

Another reason why parents should always knock before entering the room. I have too many experiences of people walking in without knocking...UGH! LOL

A: not a thong, its a bikini. Shame for not knowing that

2: mom is his grandmother.  So Close.

While you are right, shouldn't it be A and B or 1 and 2, not A and 2?

That's not a thong (although I wish it was), but it's still hot

Who cares, spread the love.

That's not a thong!

I second that, looks like a speedo.

Thanks for copying us:

I think it's pretty ridiculous to post a "thanks for copying us" comment publicly. Sure, maybe INSTINCT got the idea from GAILY GRIND. But I posted this video June 16, 2014—and it's a 2-year-old video that nobody else was talking about. A reader tipped me to it. Does that mean GAILY GRIND "copied" me without credit? Maybe. It's also possible that when I posted it, people started sharing it a bit more than they had over the past 2 years and it got shared to the point where someone at GAILY GRIND and then at INSTINCT saw it. INSTINCT often uses stuff I post by posting the entire content and then giving me a "h/t" at the end of it. This means very few hits (unlike the leading links I use in my round-ups), but it does at least give credit for where the inspiration came from. Just my two cents—the "copying" charge is hard to prove, especially when the content is not original to any of us to begin with. I think there's room for all the gay sites.

How are they copying you when you didn't create the video?

I think he means they did not provide credit for being a source, which is typical amongst all news sites. #shadybitches 

Most of the posts here credit a source, so my guess is they didn't find this on daily grind.  Kind of arrogant of daily grind to think that they are the only source for posts.

LOL! I saw this yesterday on their site. Epic!

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