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Matt Bomer Responds To 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Casting Petition

Not everyone was thrilled by the decision to cast Charlie Hunnam as "Christian Grey" in the film adaptation of Fifty Shade Of Grey.

In fact, the casting news was so controversial (we're laughing as we type this because: Russia. Syria.), that more than 40,000 people have lent their signatures to a petition calling for the role to be recast with the lickable Matt Bomer. 

The petition reads, in part:  “Matt Bomer is the PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF CHRISTIAN GREY AND ALEXIS BLEDEL IS THE PERFECT ACTRESS TO REPRESENT ANASTASIA STEELE and if THEY ARE NOT, NOBODY WILL BE…So please PLEASE, all of the GREYsessed and Bomerettes in the world NEED those actors. They always will be for us the Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. WE CAN DO ANYTHING GUYS, ANYTHING.”

(Many caps lock keys were injured in the creation of this petition.)

So what does Matt Bomer think about this call to action? 

Bomer told reporters, “I’m so grateful for the fans and touched. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie with Charlie and Dakota.” 

No surprise, Bomer keeps it classy. 

However, if he wants to make things unclassy, might we suggest a nude oil wrestling match with Mr. Hunnam. Winner takes the role??

Honestly, everybody wins. 


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Matt Bomer is so Beautifull...ando so sEXY .....

 Waaaww ....~ ☆☆☆

Matt Bomer is so Beautifull...ando so sEXY .....

 Waaaww ....~ ☆☆☆

matt and alexis are perfect for christian and ana

Matt Bomer without a doubt!! He is Christian Grey

Mattt plzzz 

100%Matt and Alexis

100% Matt and Alexis...they are made for that roles. 100% yes. Dacota and Charlie. No!!! they are horrible. They will be never Christiane and Anasthasia!!!!!!!!!!!

I want matt as Christian. Just look at him he is so freaking perfect omg I'm in love. He was the guy I was imagining when i was reading. I think he should be Christian. He has the whole package. Is the director blind..i would be more excited about the movie if matt was playing Christian

I cant imagine the movie without matt.
I am so disapointed with the casting of the movie.

This debate is hilarious. It's obvious that they cast the two actors who were ready to bare it all. Most good actors are extremely choosy before they would agree to go full frontal or even partial nude. Matt has said in one of the Magic Mike interviews that he would do that only for 2 directors.

They are frankly lucky to get the actors they did. This is a huge gamble imo. Esp. for Charlie who is a decent actor. Altho' don't get why they didn't cast Ian, he wanted it so bad.

Matt is one classy guy and I love what he said in those succinct words.

All of you that think that Charlie wouldn't make this movie great your all wack. He is so sexy. And who and the hell are you to try to cast this movie. You are no one! They know what there doing. So shut the hell up and enjoy the movie because this is how it is. Get a life.

Alexis isn't cute I agree henry cavill would have been the perfect grey.....but I'm sure it will be an epic movie either way.

How old are all of you?!!! I mean stop it!! It's just a movie not real life ! Give the actors a chance. And no one cares about that silly petition it won't change a thing!  People are acting like this is the worst thing in the world, trust me way more important things happening in the world today. Lets grow up and act like adults and not like 13 yr olds going crazy for Justin bieber!  Get. Life!!  Go Charlie you will do great!!! Lmao!! 

I cannot believe the response to this story.  Get a life, you guys!  As always, Matt kept it classy.

Charlie is okay...I like him...but im imagining the supermodel Sean O'pry as Christian while i was reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy. He does have the looks of Christian Grey...but im not sure if he's good in acting...

Ian somerhalder all d way for Christian Grey!!! His eyes, his smile, his face structure n body language. ..evrythng says it aloud that he is GREY! N Alexis for Anastasia!

I know! I pictured Ian the whole time I was reading the book. That man is amazing lol

I'm not thrilled about Charlie Hunnam, but I didn't care for Matt Bomer either. My personal choice was Henry Cavill. What a silly petition, they sound like they are trying to speak for ALL Grey fans and it's just not true. Not everyone was going to be pleased no matter who they picked to play the roles.

I would have prefered Henry Cavill aswell. But we win some and lose some lol i will see the movie all the same.

Matt Boomer is Christian Grey and Alexis is Ana. Will not be watching the movie. I will stay with the book for now. Unless they change actor/actress.

Want him exponentially more than Charlie! Fingers crossed! :-)


for me matt bomer is christian one can represent our handsome grey better than matt  yaar.. he has such a charming nd attractive face nd aroma ...he is perfect for  his mercurial role.....i must say  E.L JAMES made worst pair....m looking forward 2 see matt bomer as christian grey nd alexis bledel as Anastasia steele.........

Matt Bomer is Chiristian Gay, I can't honestly watch a guy passionately chase a woman in this movie knowing he prefers men.  I have a hard time seeing him kiss a girl on his show right now.  Come on guys, did you stop to think it might be too uncomfortable for him to be that intimate with a woman.  It's like forcing an actress have sex scenes with another actress they are  not attracted to.  Maybe he doesn't want his kids to see him doing this kind of acting.  Petitioning exists in a lot of book into movie creations but it doesn't change the reality of the movie.  I don't know who Charlie is but I'm willing to give him a chance to rise up to the occasion.

Is it easier to believe Anthony Hopkins as a serial killer who eats the flesh of his victims than it is to believe Matt Bomer in a love scene with a woman?  Do you also believe that Christian Bale lives in a bat cave and Jennifer Lawrence murders children with her bow and arrow?  IT'S CALLED ACTING!  I really don't have an opinion on who should be cast in these two roles...I'll leave that up to the casting directors, but it is a little troubling to hear this argument over and over again when it comes to gay actors.  It's just silly and really minimizing to so many great actors and their wonderful talents.  We're better than that.

Matt Bomer by far!! He's perfect for the role.... PERIOD! I don't care if he's gay and because of him being gay, he didn't get the part. WHAT???!!!  I'm so upset and a little annoyed about that! These people that are in charge of the casting will sit there and say: Oh well he can't because he's gay and Christian loves his women and Matt wont be able to handle the sex and all the kinky stuff that goes on with Ana in the book. UMMMMM.... are you freaking kidding me????!!!!!  I've seen him in movies and shows and played the sex roll with girls many of times and he does *drools* WELL! lol!  So don't give me ANY that crap people! I think they need stop talking and actually watch some of his work and then decide from there. But they didn't and chose Charlie for the part. Don't get me wrong... I like Charlie but, he doesn't have the eyes nor the bone structure in his face to be Christian.  I'm sure he'll act well as Christian but... I just can't see him as Christian Grey at all, sorry.  And if people don't like my comment and wants to say something rude after? lol! Well, have fun wasting your time and aggravation typing everything out please!  And Honestly, ... do you really think I'm going to read what you have to say about my comment in the end? lol!  Like i said, please have fun typing away...I'm sure it's "worth it!"  (rolls eyes and laughs)  I said what I had to say about the casting for Christian in the Fifty shades movie and that's pretty much it. Have a great day! :D   The End

Who said he didn't get the role because he was gay? 

Go to this link, watch and find out.

That link that I just gave out, I actually saw on the news on my own flat screen. I was like, are you freaking kidding mmeee??!! Who cares if he's gay. He would of done wonderful for this roll.

Oh and by the way, Matt did want to play for the part. Look on youtube and see for yourself. I heard he tried for the casting and got denied. So yeah... he wanted the job but they said no to him.

No he didn't. He is filming another movie at the same time 50 shades is filmed and the time was set long before 50 shades casting began.


Do people not realize that maybe Matt Bomer or Alexis Bledel may want to do other jobs? Maybe their own feelings were in consideration and they are not actively pursuing the role? Actors do not exist just to do what you want because you said so and you want this movie to be made with this actor - they have their own lives and their own feelings - both Matt and Alexis have other jobs to do, maybe they are focusing on those things instead - acting like entitled spoiled children does not make the general public have any better image of fandom, and frankly, it is bullying and not to mention negative to the actors who are cast in the roles to be told that they are not good enough before they even have acted a single scene - so fandom, how about being considerate and classy like Matt Bomer is himself? He isn't being rude, he congrats the actors and moves on with his life - so how about you guys grow up and do the same instead of ranting and raving in petitions against two actors who have done nothing to you but being cast in a movie - rant and rave after you have seen the movie and let the two actors do their jobs and act - it sickens me that "fans" are so into themselves and their own arrogance that they want to get two actors out of a their jobs - how do you think if someone tries to petition you out of the job you worked so hard to get?

Matt was my choice for Christian, NO QUESTION !!!! I will of course see the movie, but believe they made the wrong casting choices. Disappointed :(

i thought matt bomer and Emmy rossum would have been perfect.. i  honestly dont think Alexis fit. i dont like Dakota but Charlie seems like he will do a great Christian. lets just see how it pans out and for yall making a petition yall need some counseling. 


Absolutely ridiculous that people are telling the professionals how to do their job. Are you kidding me ? Christian Grey is not real and everybody has their own idea on what he looks like and when I read this story I didn't see Matt

Matt and Alexis its perfect !!!! 
I want this !! without Dakota and Charlie .. 

I have been following the 50 Shades posts since the books came out and there have been more choices for these parts than one can imagine. I think every woman has her own vision of Christian and Anna (personally I care less about her), so as far as the movie goes, there is no way that they could have picked the "perfect" person that the fans have asked for. I'll bet once the trailers are out, we'll all be shocked to see how well these actors fit their parts. Let's leave the casting to the professionals and stop interfering. Just give us a good movie.

Only Matt and Alexis

Matt Bomer indeed is the perfect description for Christian Grey.... <3

Everybody needs to realize that the book was made it was good now let them pick the cast as they see fit and the movie will be great.they weren't my choice but at the end of the day it doesn't matter.

I agree! There is a reason that these actors were picked...and obviously it is how the author envisioned her book coming to life since she had a lot of say in the who was picked...and come on, just think it could have been Robert and when he is all shaved up and in shape, Charlie looks pretty much like a dapper young billionaire

I love this article for a few reasons, mostly it puts this trivial crap into perspective! 

I don't understand people who feel their opinion on a casting choice are more important than anyone else's, namely the movie executives who do this regularly. But also other fans, with all the speculation of who would play the roles I heard no less than 10 options for each lead. Each had a fan base, so obviously lots of people are disappointed. I am a HUGE Charlie Hunnam fan, but never really considered him for the role. I just love him as Jax, and didn't stretch my mind. For Ana, Alexis was EXACTLY what I wanted, mostly due to my Gilmore loyalty but also visually she works and is talented. But to create a petition telling the two actors who were chosen by professionals they aren't good enough? That is just mean, and unnecessary and probably wrong, I have no doubt they will do a great job. 

You guys are all acting like babies.. Get over it.. the actors are picked...If you don't like the choices go back to reading the books and don't see the movie.. it is as simple as that.  I highly doubt if it were the other way around everyone would be complaining.. it is a movie!! you all need to grow up and stop crying!

I started watching SOA because of the pick. I think it's a smart choice! I'm obsessed with 50, just like everyone else. Let's leave the people that get paid to cast, do their job. Even if Matt isn't in it, you're still going to pay to see the movie, so who are you kidding?

Definitely, Matt is Christian Grey....Nobody is better them him!!!!!!!!

Those of you that are saying"please the fans and use Matt and Alexis" what Abbott the fans that love that Charlie was chosen? There are a lot of us. You don't hear from us though because we are all pleased!

No Matt e Alexis serious?? ops!!! then there will be 50 shades of gray


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