North Carolina Lawmaker Compares Homosexuality To Pedophilia, Incest

North Carolina state Rep. Paul Stam (R) is about to feel the Mike Huckabee-effect.In a debate over a proposal to prohibit charter schools from discriminating against LGBT students, Stam passed out a paper that compared homosexuality to pedophilia, incest, and sado masichism. The paper, titled "What Is Sexual Orientation?" casued outrage among some members of N.C.'s statehouse. 

“This is shameful," said Rep. Tricia Cotham (D). "He needs to understand that his words and his actions are offensive and cannot be tolerated.”

Stam defended his actions claiming that he was only trying to get a definition of sexual orientation from the author of the proposal. 

Stam's no stranger to comparing apples to oranges in an offensive manner; in 2011 he argued against same-sex marriage in North Carolina by attempting to scare colleagues with comparisons to illegal acts. 

The charter school proposal, by the way, passed the house. 

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So what? I compare men who make statements like this to baboons. Who cares what this fool thinks? 

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