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California Senate Committee Passes Bill Mandating Condoms On Porn Sets

Despite the show of adult industry activists at the California statehouse, a state Senate Committee passed the industry-fought AB 1576, labeled the "Condom Bill" by one vote. The measure now goes on to the full Senate where experts believe it will enjoy a much easier time being approved. 

The Sword's J.W. Waxner-Herman penned an illuminating editorial for The Sword moments after news escaped Sacramento:

I get that you’re not all on the side of the majority of porn performers in talking about this, and some of you may not get the nuances being discussed because, as all of us were, we’ve spent many years talking about why condoms are good, bareback is bad, and making porn stars safe on sets should be our biggest priority.

And, since most established gay porn studios in San Francisco and L.A. already shoot with condoms and do testing, adhering to this law, if it passes, will not be impossible, but the implications for the larger industry are much greater. And what this will mean for HIV-positive gay performers remains to be seen—it is highly likely they will be out of work.

But the fact remains that this bill is an anachronism that sponsored by an anti-porn crusader. Michael Weinstein hates porn. If you were not aware of that, you should be. He’s playing on the ignorance of politicians here to create an HIV scare that does not exist. Not to mention that the larger porn industry in California has already voluntarily adopted a 14-day testing requirement, using a more accurate testing method with a shorter window of accuracy, than the bill requires.

Should there be some legislation written to protect sex workers from exploitation by their employers? Certainly. But this isn’t that bill, and this could get ugly for the porn industry in California.

What do you think, Instincters? Is California getting thisclose to mandating condoms on porn shoots a good thing?

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This is'nt gonna help the fags from spreading their filth thru raw sex.

Only thing that will help is to put them down like wild dogs.

I'm fine with this. Anyone who knows anything about the porn industry knows that they don't care about anything but money. Think they care about the actors or the viewers? No, they don't. We all know that condoms help prevent STDs. There's no getting around that, regardless of how much studio shills attempt to rationalize otherwise. If studios want to film bareback porn, they won't be doing it in CA. I hope that other states will follow suit. 

Another example of government sticking their nose in where it doesn't believe.  Everyone should be responsible for's everyone's right and we should have choices!  "Free country"???  Yeah, right....

There are no requirement mandating that performers NOT use condoms. Everyone has free will. There is MORE than enough education out there about how STDs spread.  If you don't like it, simply don't watch it. If you perform in porn and don't want to not use a condom, don't. Who's being "protected" here?  

Yet another industry being driven out of the state economy. Over governing...

I totally agree with it!! Why should there be strangers having sex with each other for a living with no health precautions... I think we're finally growing up and realizing that there are consequences for every action made big or small. They should have been doing this from day one! As far as driving the business out of California, I think it could go either way as Dylan said they could edit the video. If they don't Vegas WILL profit more from it, that's for sure! I guess time will tell but I don't expect much complication to arise from this. It's a smart move and I commend California for making the right move!

This will send a large chunk of the industry out of California. 

The condoms can be removed digitally from the video in post-production. Viewers won't see the condoms. I don't think this law helps or hurts the porn industry, it's simply a new law.

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