Hot Ride Gets Jack'd By Hot Guys [Sponsored]

Are you ready to get car Jack'd? 

One of the globe's hottest apps for gay men shows off a great reason to keep the doors unlocked in its latest video!

[Sponsored by Jack'd. Available on iOS and Android]


Is the app as annoying to use as the video is to watch? What's with the fingers in the lens thing? It's like ads for porn sites that are grainy and unfocused. What's the point? Why would anyone pay for that?

They arent all that hott and the front 2 look like dirty mexicans straight from the lettuce fields.

This app is so bad, so clumsy it's ridiculous with scruff now leading the gay apps we don't need any others 

You all realize that Jack'd is owned by Online Buddies.... AKA Manhunt  lol

Crappy company, crappy ad, on a crappy site. 

WTF?!  Whoever came up with the idea for that ad needs to be fired and never go anywhere near the advertising industry ever again!  Besides, as anyone who has ever tried the app knows, it's a steaming pile of crap! 


Very cheap. Not impressed.

I expected something way better, why don't you have a section where you throw videos like this one, like a "pile of bits and pieces not really important enough to dedicate a post on the website" ? and whoever wants can go there and lose some time

Ewwww wtf like, what does this even have to do with jackd other than them putting a bunch of fake white guys into a car with shitty music and a jackd logo? Lol uninstalled as of now... Useless app anyways

I drive a bmw they can come steal my car anyday!!

Wait what happened? Where are the hot guys?

App is only growing bc people tired of grindr

jack'd bought out another app 

years ago. was on the app over 4 years ago. 

So ... they're selling ... cars?

Recipe for gay ad: Shirtless Hot Men + Cheesy Music = Crap

Why? This is the worst ad of 2014. Congrats Instinct!

The [Sponsored] tag says it all. Jack'd paid to have this "article" run. It's part of what pays the website's bills.

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