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'Sexy Felon' Jeremy Meeks Lands Modeling Contract

It looks like "Sexy Felon" Jeremy Meeks may be walking into a legit modeling career once he gets out of jail! 

From New York Mag:

According to TMZ, Jeremy Meeks just landed a $30,000 modeling contract from Blaze Modelz in Santa Monica and representation in the form of Gina Rodriguez, agent to Patricia Krentcil, a.k.a. Tan Mom.

Here's the clip from TMZ:

Do you think we'll be seeing Jeremy Meeks on runways and in print campaigns soon, Instincters?

Should we??


Typical nigger blaming the white man for his ape like ways. This nigger will get his ass rung out so much that he will have tie a rubber band around it by the end of the first week.

Oh please. If this guy was White he would have all kinds of sympathy and invitations to be the houseboy.

The guy has a record but is married, employed, and waited to have a kid when his life was stable.

We should also wait for the final disposition of his case. It may come as a surprise to some people but you cannot trust the police in some areas. I'll wait for him to have his day in Court instead of trying to read tattos.

The tattoo tear drop by his eye means he killed someone, doesn't it?

Really? He won't look like this when he gets out of prison. C ' mon people. ..definitely more pressing needs in this country.

... But first... He'll be someone's prison pudding!!!! He's CDC bound! There's hundreds of guys like him stewing in prison as we speak. 

Someone is getting a second chance and the comments degenerate into hateful bickering - wow.  Good luck to him, I hope things turn around for him like he apparently wants as has been stated in some interviews with him and some of his friends and family.

Ya and your just some typical southern redneck trailer trash dipshit that unfortunately lives in the USA! Wat an Asshole! $30,000 is a start and also this article may be fake so stop making comments that you don't need to make! Freedom of speech my ass! Fucken white dumb bitch! 

Good on him 

$30,000 is nothing! IF he is still model material after his jail time is served.

Just another worthless nigger that you stupid white libs are trying to help out.

Your ignorance is showing. Guess it doesn't matter since you were too big of a pu$$y to post your comment under your name! 

Everyone deserves a chance to better themselves. Instead of saying this person is better, or I don't approve, lets be glad there room for everyone to be successful. 

I say good for him. Maybe an opportunity like this will make him (and others) less likely to end up in jail. 

Im sorry I dont really like the phrase "less likely to end up in jail". I know for some people it is just bad luck or not having the right skin color unfortunately but for others like the above its a choice. A choice they repeatedly make weather rich or not. There are bad people and I believe he is one of them. Capable of manipulating people into believing his wrongs are not his fault. Its sad that there are probably much better people that desrve a chance like he got because of his fleeting good looks.

Shallow world we live in ;-/

Alex Minsky is 1,000% hotter then this guy.

Why not? Everyone deserves a second chance.... but first he has to pay by his crime

I would rather see a Veteran who deserves the recognition.

Why a Veteran, so then it can be some deeply disturbed tool of the government, that probably killed someone? Everyone thinks that wars fight for our liberty. How?

Wow, you're dum. If you can't respect our veterans, you don't deserve any freedom. Dumb shit.

I never said that  I didn't respect "Our Veterans" but if you think that they are somehow magical defenders of our freedom, your mistaken. They are indeed tools of the greater government agenda and their deployments are not always meant to defend our freedom. And  I don't see why someone would rather see a veteran specifically get a modeling contract over a convicted felon. When both parties are perpetrators of violence.

Because a veteran has no choice. They are put in a position of kill or be killed. Where as killers in our prison systems are not. To say this about veterans saying perpatraitors of violence shows that you do not respect them. You like your freedom? It came with a price. 

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