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PA Taxpayers Will Have To Pay High-Priced Independent Lawyer To Defend Same-Sex Marriage Ban

We're sure Pennsylvania tax payers are thrilled to see that their tax dollars will be used to defend the state's ban on same-sex marriage in court. 

Following state Attorney General Kathleen Kane's decision not to defend the marriage ban because she believes it's unconstitutional, Republican Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has brought in independent counsel to defend the law--and that counsel isn't cheap.

The Associated Press writes:

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett's office announced Thursday it has hired a well-known lawyer from outside the government to lead his defense of the state's same-sex marriage ban in a federal lawsuit.

The Office of General Counsel said West Chester lawyer Bill Lamb, a former state Supreme Court justice, was hired to be lead counsel at a rate of $400 an hour. His associates will be paid $325 an hour.

The federal case, filed two months ago, seeks to overturn the state's 1996 ban on gay marriage. It was brought by a group that includes the widow of a woman who died in May after they were legally married in Massachusetts, 10 couples and one of the couples' two teenage daughters.

The defendants are Corbett, Democratic Attorney General Kathleen Kane, the state health secretary and two county officials involved with the issuance of marriage licenses. A legal response by the state is due Sept. 16.


Marriage equality seems to be inevitable in Pennsylvania. One state county is already issuing marriage licenses. We wonder how these taxpayers feel about their dollars being flushed down the toilet to prop up dying legislation?


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Republicans are always eager to cut spending except where defending Christian values are concerned. Look at the millions Boehner and house republicans wasted defending Defense of Marriage before it was struck down by the Supremes.

Since when is hypocracy a " Christian value"?

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