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Heart It Or Hate It: Joe Manganiello Shaves Off His Famous Scruff

True Blood star Joe Manganiello debuted a new scruff-free look last night at New York Fashion Week and we barely recognized him. 

What do you think of his new fresh faced look?

We mean...he obviously still looks good. It's Joe Manganiello--and we all know what's underneath that suit

But why mess with perfection?

Heart or hate the new look, Instincters?


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He's not as hot sans the salt and pepper beard but I still love him!!!

Simply put, one of the most beautiful men in current Pop-Culture. 

Hating it right now, but remove a few layers of that clothing and I could learn to love it.

I cannot post my true thoughts about this man in a public forum...

He's gorgeous either way, but  Shaven is heaven!!

He's a hottie anyway you shave him!

He is a 10 with it but just an 8 without it.

Still hot, but WAY hotter with the beard.

He looks like he could be on Mad Men. Maybe as a possible rival to Jon Hamm's Don Draper.

I like the new look, myself. Either way, he looks good.


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