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H&M Releases New Sexy David Beckham Underwear Ads

​David Beckham only gets better with age--as proven by this latest set of images from his underwear line at H&M! 

Check'em out! 

​Keep them coming, David!!!


(H/T: E! Online)


I do love David Beckhams Underwear

Some needs to tell him to go to the gym ....i mean really his body is aging and not going to gym or working out n trying to do underwear ads ....come on DAVID YOU KNOW BETTER ....SO DOES HIS WIFE SHE SHOULD SAY SOMETHING TO HIM...I BET THEY SELL MORE PRODUCT .

He looks like a tattoo artist that lives in a trailer.

Lord, he's orgasmic! I'm trying to keep my legs closed, while planning to vacation with my hookup, lol!

tha Aussie n tha british are bombastic*ggg* great lookin!!!! Aussies are great n tall thats why they call it the land of Plenty heee heee

its my dream men

Too old and dirty looking for my taste !!

My god he's looking haggard. 

Too thin and too much tattoos, I used to be a big fan of his but he needs to eat more...

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