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Gallery: Backstage With Male Models In Their Underwear At The Parke & Ronen Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week Show

We certainly look forward to the flood of new clothes, colors and styles that each fashion cycle brings us, but we've learned to anticipate the deluge of backstage shots from Parke & Ronen's bi-annual shows with just as much fervor. On the high heels of the casting video that captured our attention last week arrive this season's batch of backstage shots from Parke & Ronen's runway show that once again prove NYFW is our favorite holiday of the year!

You're welcome. 

(Images via Eli Schmidt, courtesy of Parke and Ronen; h/t: Queerty)


Some of the comments are hilarious because (you) white and Asian gay men (in the fashion & advertising industry) are the creators of this pubescent image of the current male male - just as white women are as fashion editors at magazines. Both want to create an illusion of what they want to be: blonde, sinewy, Nordic, seventeen, thin, pretty - AND THAT'S ALL. It's sad when we live in this country with so many beautiful types of people - we are all constantly being force feed white beauty. Which, obviously, I do not believe in nor worship.

Well said

I agree the average gay guy that is wearing that does not alway look like that. How about older fit guys. Average but guys. Sexy is not alway skinny and six pack. 

Judging by the muscle tone here, none of these guys are underweight but are right on target with athleticism and nutrition.

where is the body hair, the masculinity. These anemic effeminates are scary.

They should take all that money they make and buy some food...some of them look if I dropped a candy bar they would start a cat fight.

My thoughts exactly!  I hate what "sexy" has become.

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