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Video: Wentworth Miller Admits Multiple Suicide Attempts; Talks Being A Closeted Hollywood Star

Wentworth Miller, who publicly came out as gay recently, is speaking out for the first time about his multiple suicide attempts. He also discusses coming out in Hollywood and his decision not to attend the St. Petersburg Film Festival.

TMZ exclusively reports:

Wentworth Miller tried to commit suicide multiple times because he couldn't handle keeping his sexual identity a secret.

Miller revealed his dark secret at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Seattle Saturday night, saying his first suicide attempt was when he was 15.

The "Prison Break" star says he downed a bottle of pills at home, and he wasn't crying out for help, because "you only cry for help if there is help to cry for."

Wentworth also talked about the torture of working in Hollywood as a closeted actor ... explaining he wanted to be the role model he never had ... "to be the someone else, that no one was to me."

Brave speech. What do you think of what Miller had to say?


I recently watched all 4 seasons of PB and totally appreciated him as an actor for carry such a pivotal role on a tv show. Upon reading some articles and watching some interviews, I figured he was an amazing and down to earth individual given the struggle he had to go through his career. Now with the letter to Russia and his speech at the HRC gala over the weekend, has touched my heart so deeply and inspirational to so many people out there who are struggling to come to terms with their identity or may be invisibility for whatever reason! I applaud you Went. I am proud that I actually share my last name with you. :-)

I really hope that this does not end his acting career.  Being open and honest with oneself pays off in the end.  I wish Wentworth the very best from now on.

Brave and honest: if this ends his career, at least he went out with class and dignity, and for a good cause.

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