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Male Porn Star Comes Forward As HIV Positive; Fourth In A Month

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is reporting that an unnamed male porn star has tested positive for HIV, possibly the fourth performer in the industry to do so in a month's time. 

Huffpo reports:

Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, told HuffPost that a male porn performer approached the group saying he had tested positive for HIV.

"I think he wanted to check out everybody that could be of any help to him. We gave him information but he's not ready to come forward," Weinstein said, adding that it's not clear whether the performer contracted HIV on set or not.

The Free Speech Coalition, which oversees a database of STD tests for the industry, has not corroborated the story. 

"We have no confirmation that a fourth performer is positive," FSC spokeswoman Joanne Cachapero said. "I am hoping for an update on the situation by tomorrow."

The latest freeze on production started Friday after another performer tested positive for HIV. 



This is even more proof that the Adult Film Industry should be using Condoms.  It is ridiculous that they have not been using condoms.  I, mistakenly thought it was the law that they had to use condoms for anal sex... and obviously many, many studios don't--thus bare-backing!  I think it is wrong for Consumers to EXPECT their "porn" stars to risk their lives to create bare-backing videos so they can enjoy their own fantasies of denial.  PROOF Positive everyone actively engaged sexual intercourse be it anal or vaginal or even though less of a risk--the risk increases with the swallowing of semen or vaginal fluids--oral sex---should be wearing a condom.  It would be Better to remove the stigma and punishment from those who Openly admit their Positive Status and take Precautions--using condoms for intercourse--than to ban them from working in the industry... as well as doing regular routine testing of all performers.  Everyone in the Adult Film Industry as consumers may need to go back a few years to HIV 101 and learn the backs of Safer Sex, and educate themselves on how to protect themselves and others from HIV Infection and Getting the Hard Facts on HIV Transmission Risk as well as other STI's (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and take the Prudent, Responsible ADULT Actions for a Safer, Healthier Sexual Experience in life, both personally and in the Adult Film Industry.  Once A Person's HIV Status is revealed--and hopefully--by Personal choice, whether job requirement if in the "porn" industry or in dating relationships... Partners--personal or professional, acting partners--who hopefully have become educated about HIV Transmission can evaluate the risks and determine which risks are appropriate for them and which ones are not.... In the US for example it has been the past standard that Safer sex was condoms should be used for all sex involving multiple or mixed status partners including Intercourse and Oral Sex... However due to the Extremely low PROVEN, Verifiable, Statistically Reliable Transmission due to Oral Sex it has been the European and Canadian Position that Oral Sex without a condom was considered Safer Sex (notice the use of the word Safer as opposed to Safe Sex--as the only Safe sex is Solo, individual sex and does not include more than one person); However as was stated earlier Ingesting (swallowing) Semen (cum) or Vaginal Fluid Greatly Increases the risk of HIV Transmission during sex and should be discouraged--especially in multiple partner situations such as the Adult Film Industry "Porn," or with mixed status couples or where the status of the partners is unknown and the partners are not in monogamous relationship with one another...  IT SHOULD NOT COME AS ANY SURPRISE TO ANYONE THAT THERE ARE HIV POSITIVE STARS IN THE ADULT "PORN" FILM INDUSTRY!!! It is actually more shocking that not more are HIV Positive. that Condoms are not legally required for intercourse; and that so many folks are still uneducated, taking unnecessary risks and expecting others to do so after more than 3 decades of dealing with the HIV/AIDS Crisis--Please get educated, and please stop criminalizing sex, and making it a crime or to come out as HIV+ it only pushes it underground and furthers the disease and misinformation, stigma, fear and lack of education.
Thanks for Reading, Share with love, from Experience, and as a former HIV HEALTH EDUCATOR. JLM.

Perhaps, WE should all start listening....and THINKING. None of this happens in a 'vacuum of space.' 

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