Alleged Twitter Feed Of Russia's Olympic Hockey Team Promotes Violence Against Gays

Frontiers Magazine's esteemed Karen Ocamb points us to the Twitter feed of "Team Russia 2014," which purports to be that of Russia's Olympic hockey team. 

In addition to sharing horrifying images that Coca Cola can't be too happy about (above), "Team Russia 2014" spends nearly each tweet it sends to promote violence against gays. 

A few examples:

Though the perfect English does point to a hoax, Ocamb reports that Twitter is still investigating the feed. 

(Via Frontiers; Source: Twitter)




Considering that Coca Cola is not anti LGBT, and was originally sponsoring the Olympics for positive reasons, it is important to approach this from the perspective that they are allies, not enemies, when urging them to withdraw sponsorship for this particular event in Sochi.

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