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Russell Brand Tears Down Homophobic Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage

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Russell Brand struck down anti-gay Dr. Ben Carson's homophobic argument against marriage equality in this latest episode of Brand's YouTube series The Trews

Carson previously equated same-sex marriage with beastiality.

Watch as he tears down the argument piece by piece! 


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


You uneducated fags continue to show it by latching onto any celeb that will remotely defend your cause. This guy is on the dlist of celebs due to his own past. If you were educated you would know.

Russell Brand managed to analyze and respond cleverly to the idiotic statements of dr. Carson without being as rude as the doctor was. I wasn´t a fan of Brand but I think I am now, we certainly need more like him.

I disagree that definitions in society never change. The bible supports slavery and a husband may have multiple wives, but we changed these things over time as society learns and grows.

Dr Carson unfortunately is a homophobe. Surprisingly though he's also a world renown man of science. He should know better! How would he like being equated to a lowland silverback gorilla.

One of these days, I will finally understand why, in a country based on religious freedom, Christians feel their voice is the only one that matters in making laws.  Heterosexual couples are a pillar of the Christian society.  Homosexual couples have been not only widely accepted, but PRAISED in other cultures, throughout history.  So, to say that gay marriage defies a fundamental pillar of society actually translates to "my personal god says it's wrong, and no one else's opinion on the fact matters".  The ONLY argument that traditional marriage supporters can keep throwing in the face of the LGBT community is a "definition" that was established in a book that was written several hundred years ago to establish a faith that no one can verify or validate.  

Well, as the Supreme Court has proven, along side several state-level courts, that no religious entity, organization, or individual has the right to discriminate against another group, organization, or individual based on their religious beliefs.  The underlying truth of it all is this: if you have a problem with gay marriage...don't marry someone of the same sex as yourself.  The idea that anyone within the LGBT community being married to each other will somehow taint the already severely tarnished image of heterosexual marriage is an absolute joke.  Christians, take note: if you really want to follow in the way of everyone...EVERYONE, not just the ones you pick and choose.

PS: Cheers to Russell for dissecting the videos of the doctor.  

I really just wanted to like your comment; but there isn't a button for that, lol.  I've never written a comment on here; but I was really happy you wrote what you did.  Thanks.  

You're quite welcome. I'm glad it meant someone to someone. 

Dr. Carson is not a "black dude," he's the world's foremost Pediatric Neurosurgeon, who rose up from poverty and is a man of deep faith, intellect, and character.  He's a man whose skin color differs from mine, but that does not make him a "black dude."  Russell Brand actually gets PAID to make such statements about one of the great men of our time??  WOW.  The world could use more people like Dr. Carson and fewer like Russell Brand. 

Of more importance is the fact that because someone is against gay marriage makes them a homophobe.  That's outrageous !!!   Now, is it time for a GAY FREE day??!!

If Dr. Carson can equate gays to beastiality, then he can be equated to a black dude.

I am pretty sure Dr Carson is also paid to make his statements and yes if you cant believe love is love and all loving couples have a right to marriage then you are discriminating against homosexuals and therefore a homophobe.

Nice to know that Dr Carson has his shills reading all the gay sites to set the rest of us straight. LOL G Harman = unemployed troll with a little to much time on his hands. Jebus bless.


The black dude has such a soothing voice it dulls the outrage I feel about what he's saying. hahah. "Cheers, mate, thanks for not breaking into my house, coming into my bedroom and pulling me off my partner." LOL.

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