Australian Rugby Player Given 8-Week Ban For Biting Opponent's Penis

When they say rugby is a full contact sport, they mean it. 

Anthony Watts, a notorious "rugby bad boy" who plays for the Tugun Seahawks (on Australia's Gold Coast), has been sentenced to an 8-week ban on games after being charged with biting a rival's penis during a recent match. 

Video footage shows the victim limping away from Watts in obvious pain before pulling down his pants to show the injury to a referee. The referee immediately removed Watts from the game, while the victim has gone on to report blood and skin loss on his penis. 

Watts has since denied that he intentionally chewed on his rival's package, but a League judiciary hearing that took place on Tuesday night decided otherwise. He has seven days to appeal the ruling. 

Impressively, Taiwanese animation studio Next Media Animation has already tackled the horrific incident:


(Source: Sky News)




The video can be found here:

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