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Joan Rivers Calls Obama "Gay" And Michelle A "Tranny"

Joan Rivers has given us all something to talk about this holiday weekend.

When a reporter used a same-sex ceremony she officiated earlier this week as a launching-pad to ask if the U.S. will ever see a gay president, Joan said, "We already have it with Obama, so let's just calm down." 

She didn't stop there, though. 

While walking away from the cameras, Joan said, "You know Michelle is a tranny." Asked for clarification, she cleaned up her language a bit but pressed on. "A transgender," she repeated. "We all know." 

Joan is no stranger to provocative and offensive language. This isn't the first time she's come under fire for the use of words usually off limits to the rest of us, and it probably won't be the last.

What do you think about Joan's street interview?



gay people are disgusting

Yet here you are reading stories on a gay magazine's website.  Rocket scientist, you are.

I did not know she was still alive maybe that's why she said those things to get notice again. sad

A few years ago she made a "joke" about the Jews being shoved into the ovens during the holocaust. Disgusting and despicable! Who else would get away with that? And surprisingly enough, I know some Jews who found her stupid joke funny. I don't get it.

The reason she got away with it is because JOAN IS JEWISH!!! HELLO!!!! 

She is like every ugly looking low living American who riched fame because they are JEW.   She has no class.   She should be charged for that comment.  No I aint black and not american f anyone want to attack me ...  I dont find her funny and she look repulsive.

Her Joan, can you say something about the Clintons ? 

I really dislike Jews when they can get away with any comments but if we make comments about them and nazi and hitler, its automatically labeled ANTI SEMITIC Shit

"...if we make comments about them and nazi and hitler, its automatically labeled ANTI SEMITIC..."

Well I don't know why anyone would call YOU anti Semitic. You seem absolutely lovely!!! Even though I agree with you that she looks ridiculous and behaved horribly, your words and your attitude are completely trashy. People like you cannot exist within civilized society. 

Joan Rivers is a relic. A comedian of yesteryear, trying to stay relevant. 

The obamas are nothing but sorry niggers, with michelle looking like an APE out of the zoo with her HUGE lip and nostrils, and jaw line of an APE. Wears her pajamas stepping off a plane with her nappy APE hair like an old nigger at walmart.

of course that is anon, , me couldn't care enough to reg. You, coward!

Oh we have a racist fag reading Instinct.   American perhaps ?

And you post as anonymous...yeah right...coward..

I'm sorry you hate yourself so much..  What is wrong?  Your comments and judgments are a direct reflection of yourself.  Shit comes from Shit..  You can change that!     

Your comment shows not only rampant racism, but gross ignorance as well.  You should be ashamed of yourself for your rude, outlandish comments and should be summarily dismissed as the racist bigot that you are.

To paraphrase Chris Crocker, "LEAVE JOAN ALONE!!!"

A week after her husband's suicide, she recalls, she took Melissa out to an expensive restaurant and, looking at the menu, Rivers said: "If daddy were alive and he could see these prices, he'd kill himself all over again."

When someone insults her she says, "How dare you say that to my current face?"

For Joan, even she is not immune from her barbed wit.

Oh, Joan Rivers. What mangy mutt dragged your sorry saggy ass out of the body pile at Bergin-Belsen?

man that's crossing a line

Duh. She's a comedian-she's joking. 

Gee, is she still alive?

What else would you expect from someone who has had so many surgeries and anesthesia given her age and the fact that reality is fleeting away from her. She probably has dementia. 

Time to get into the "box" Joan and close the lid.. 

Is it possible to cut, nip and tuck your face, I thought this the preview for a new batman starring the JOKER! plastic surgeon has cut into her frontal lobe. Im guess thats where we use reason and thought! Ppl that live in glass houses...

She is the best comedianne ever. Everyone who know her and loves her realizes there are no limits...everyone including her beloved gays (and she loves them) are fair game! Lighten up naysayers.

The best comedian ever? What planet are you from? She's always been b-list with periodic pops of newsworthyness. Now she's either going senile, or she's fishing for publicity. Either way, it's sad to see a person decline like this. But I will agree, Michelle kinda does look like a man. But you don't say it on camera. 

some of you gays should be ashamed to allow get away with such comment.  I am gay I find that comment about Obama VERY insulting

It's Joan Rivers! This is her job! Lighten up and laugh a little. :)

To intimate that President Obama is gay is one thing -- that one is, perhaps possible, though not particularly relevant to his functioning as President -- but to intimate that Mrs Obama, who has borne two children, is transgendered is plain ignorant.  Joan Rivers should go sit in front of a roaring fire and let her face melt.

Totally agree!!!

she is the best,syop with your jealous insults...she is who she is,jokes,and the way she looks,if you peolpe had half her money you would for sure change something about your looks....loll

...and Joan Rivers is the JOKER

She comes across as desperate for attention. I think she should stick with jokes written for her, since her impromptu comments are not funny and could cause people to question her sanity. I fear she will never gracefully retire, but will probably go down due to public shame, as her comments become increasingly unbalanced. 

Lol, I totally agree!

I love Joan, but no one looks more like a Tranny than she does...sorry Transgender!

I love when people go after the way she looks. She can careless about that her comedy is about making fun of herself. I love her and she should not apologize and will not do so. Love her!

at this point does anyone no what she really looked like maybe she had a dick at one time its sad when you must change yourself that many times and still look like shit. she not funny she rude and she needs to let herself wrinkle up and retire in some country far away

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