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Going Viral: Vine User Calls Perez Hilton "F*cking Piece Of Shit" To His Face

Wow, bet Perez Hilton was surprised by how this Vine video turned out!

Thoughts, Instincters?






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About time - and I'm disgusted that this magazine has recently honoured him as some kind of changed man despite the fact that he's intent on destroying Lady Gaga's career as he did with Christina's. Vile pig.

Wow, you all must be perfect then, seeing as how you leave no room for others to grow and change.

Perez manager is the biggest piece of shit pre Madonna bitch.... Just like him 

As much as I love Madonna, the correct spelling is prima donna - this word is pre-Madonna. :P

You're an idiot Tom. No different than the chicken shit Perez writes about celebrities in his blog. 

That was poetic justice. I would love to know who it was that made Perez Hilton a spokesperson for gays. He is a pathetic excuse for a gay man, and even worse excuse for a human being, and should be taken out of the spotlight. I completely agree with Cory, he gives gays a bad name. Karma is a bitch, and Perez could use a bit of it to tear him off his pedestal that he has put himself on. 


Awesome simply awesome! And plz get perez chessee burger, cake, something. Hooker looks likw he hasnt eaten since LiLos' last court apperance.

It Aint Shade if its true people !!!! Talk about getting punk'd !! Honestly he deserves a nice reality check. Oh well Karma

Btw i forgot to put my Name in case Perez would like to take a shot at me ;) Joe Flowers

Love It!

Repeat this 250 times and that would be the 15 minutes of fame this douche bag should have EVER received!  I hope this catches on and waiting to count the number of "He was SO mean to me", "I'm being bullied again" vines this fucker posts.

150 times...fucking math

Awesome!  He gives us all a bad name (gays). Fuck him.

That was just rude.

You're an idiot Tom. No different than the chicken shit Perez writes about celebrities in his blog. 

Exactly.  No different.

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