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Isaiah Washington Films 'Blackbird' For 'Noah's Arc' Creator Patrik-Ian Polk

It's been a long road to redemption for actor Isaiah Washington, who was fired from ABC's Grey's Anatomy following a 2006 confrontation with co-star Patrick Dempsey, in which he hurled the word "faggot" allegedly in reference to his gay co-star T.R. Knight. Since leaving the show, Washington has worked hard to make amends, appearing in ads for GLAAD and meeting with other LGBT organizations like GLSEN. 

The actor has now completed work on Noah's Arc creator Patrik-Ian Polk's latest film Blackbird, in which he plays a sympathetic father to a gay teen. 

Deadline reports:

"Isaiah Washington, whose run on Grey’s Anatomy ended when he got caught up in a scandal in which cast mates said had used homophobic slurs, has just finished Blackbird, a film by writer/director Patrik-Ian Polk. Washington plays the sympathetic father of a talented teen singer who is gay and struggling with it in a small Southern Baptist town. Washington produced with Polk and Carol Ann Shine with Keith Brown the exec producer." 

What do you think, Instincters? Has Washington finally been able to turn a corner? 

Is the LGBT community ready to forgive?


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It shold have read ". . . has just finished Blackbird, a film by writer/director Patrik-Ian Polk" based on the novel by Larry Duplechan . . . . . . . .

You really should give credit to the author of the novel.  Larry Duplechan is a great writer and  Blackbird  is a wonderful book!

You would think they would have the decency to give the author of the novel some credit. Blackbird by Larry Duplechan is considered a modern classic in gay fiction.

Larry Duplechan deserves credit on screen!

And in this article.

Is that "Blackbird" film based on the novel by Larry Duplechan?

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