Pat Robertson Loses Fight To Keep "Gays' Special AIDS Rings" Offline

The Christian Broadcast Network admitted its star Pat Robertson had finally gone too far by having videos of The 700 Club host claiming that gays wear special rings to cut and infect strangers with AIDS scrubbed from the Internet. The comment even mysteriously vanished from re-airings of the same episode. 

Right Wing Watch, the incredible outfit that brings us the greatest hits of Pat Robertson and ilk, filed a counterclaim with YouTube to have its video of the lowest moment in CBN's history (that says a lot right there) back on public record. YouTube sided with Right Wing Watch, and, once again, we have our greatest reminder yet that Pat Robertson is a bigoted curmudgeon who does not deserve the public stature CBN has provided him. 

Right Wing Watch on the past few weeks of drama with the video:

The episode reveals the lengths CBN will go to hide and censor the statements made by its own leader. Now, the network is even considering legal action against a documentary critical of Robertson.





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