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The Talk's Sara Gilbert Shares How Her Ex-BF Johnny Galecki Helped Her Realize She Was Gay

The Talk's Sara Gilbert shared her coming out experience on the talk show and it turns out her ex-boyfriend (and Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory co-star) Johnny Galecki played a key role in her coming to terms with her sexuality. 

Gilbert explained on the show: “I thought he was super cute and I had a total crush on him. And we started dating and he would come over and we would, like, make out, and then I would start to get depressed.

 “I eventually told him I thought it was about my sexuality and he was super sweet about it.”

She continued, referring to her former relationship with television producer Allison Adler, with whom she shares two children, “I started dating a woman who was like 18 years older than I was, who was also in the public eye. It was something people could have found out about. Like no one knew at the show for years, and Johnny held the secret the whole time.

“And I always felt so scared. If it came out, what could happen? Could I lose my career? Will I ever be able to play a straight role again?”

Galecki gave Sara the "okay" to discuss their relationship on the show. 

She explained, “I called him and I just said, ‘Is it okay I’m thinking of talking about this. The story kind of starts with you. And I’ve got to say I made out with you and got depressed, which is kind of a bummer.’

“[He said] ‘Of course. I love you and I think it’s really important and I’m so proud of you. If you want, I will be there and I will hold your hand.’ It was so sweet, and this story really makes Johnny look good.”

Gilbert continued: “I want people to know there can still be a struggle with it and that’s okay. It’s a process and there can be a part of you that doesn’t want to feel different or feel scared.”


Sara's right. That story does make Johnny Galecki sound pretty damn awesome. Very cool that she shared!


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That's sweet.

Even though, if a blond can play a brunette (or vice versa), then gays can play straights and straights can play gay...
... and those in the middle can play both...

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