Honey Maid Celebrates LGBT Pride!

Honey Maid, the graham cracker kings, already found its way into our hearts (in addition to our stomachs) earlier this year when the brand stuck its neck out for the gay community. Just in time for Pride Month, Honey Maid reminds us that they're a huge ally to the LGBT with a tweet of their latest campaign, "This Is Wholesome."

The tweet comes a few months on the heels of a March video with the same title. The video, featuring two dads as the "new wholesome," sparked an intense backlash and boycott of the brand. As you'll recall, Honey Maid took the homophobic reaction in stride by turning all the hateful comments into one word that rises above the noise: love. 

Happy Pride, Honey Maid!

(h/t: Gaily Grind)




Thanks Honey Maid!  : )  

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