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'Dragon Age' Gets Its First Gay Character!

The massively popular RPG video game Dragon Age has a new companion in its lineup, and he's playing for our team. BioWare developer David Gaider (a lead writer for the Dragon Age franchise) recently took the wraps off the new character as he teased the latest installment for the series, "Inquisition."

The character, named Dorian, will be exclusively gay, a contrast from Dragon Age's previous rainbow-spectrum characters who were bisexual. The distinction lead Gaider to tweet that Dorian is "fully gay," a message that didn't sit well with some fans. Gaider then clarified. 

EuroGamer has the 411 on the debacle over news that should've been 100 percent celebratory:

"I meant 'legitimately', sorry," he clarified. "I was trying to be clear - many people consider the bi characters we've done to be 'gay'."

When challenged that "legitimately" had the same effect as "fully gay", and why didn't he just say "first gay companion I've written", he answered: "Many would say, 'No, it's not.' But fair enough - I did not intend to comment on bisexuality, and will leave it at that." 

With that out of the way, gaymers around the world have been able to applaud the introduction of Dorian, who will be only be available for same-sex romances when Dragon Age: Inquisition is released October 7. 



Cannot wait for Inquisition!

But that other one was soooo gay.. the Elf from DA1.. I mean he does not hook up with female players..and its pretty obvious he IS gay..

Technically he's bi. He mentions sleeping with women and when he meets with The Guardian at Andraste's Tomb, he gets upset about a woman he once loved.

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