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Updated Map Of Same-Sex Marriage In The U.S.

The way things have been going in 2014, we could be updating this map every day (or even half-day)! 

Check out the latest map of marriage equality in the United States, where it seems that Nebraska and Mississippi have the most work ahead out of the entire country. 

According to JoeMyGod, Nebraska and Mississippi arae the only fully-red states because the lawsuits there are only fighting for recognition of marriages from out-of-state. 



THIS A FARCE .. It's the law of the land.. and these REPUBLICAN BACKWARDS RELIGIOUS _______ are DISGUSTING !!

fuck that guy ^

why waste the resources in miss and neb if they aren't going to go after marriage in those states, too? and, why didn't the sup ct just make that the law of the land? such a waste of resources that could be used to feed hungry children and for education, etc....


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