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Pinocchio Inspired HIV Campaign Reveals 'Sometimes, You Can Lie Without Knowing It'

An HIV/AIDS awareness organization in France, AIDES, released this clever Pinocchio inspired ad campaign back in November: “Sometimes, You Can Lie Without Knowing It”--watch!

According to AIDES, 650,000 Europeans are unaware of their HIV-positive status. AIDES writes:

This lack of knowledge puts their health in danger and encourages the spread of the virus. We now know that HIV treatment also considerably reduces the risk of transmission. Therefore, persuading these 650, 000 people to get tested, means that we can make huge strides towards the end of this disease.

What do you think of the ad, Instincters?

Also check out the making of “Sometimes, You Can Lie Without Knowing It”:

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The most literal example yet of portraying people with HIV as inhuman, lying, vectors of disease. How unenlightened of Instinct to call this "clever."

Agree with Mark S King.

This perpetuates the Stigma and sad ignorance about HIV AIDS.

If I had the power I'd issue an order to STOP immediately showing this supposed PSA!

The ad is clever! Don't try to equate yourselves to those born HIV- positive. You and your fag hag friends are inhuman.

Its true, some people think "hey i know Im healthy, this guy seems healthy too so forget the condoms".  If you're sexually active you need to get an hiv test every 6 months. It is so easy to get and its free. You have no excuse not to. You will protect the ones you love by doing it, and also the ones you don't know so well. If you stop being sexually active, get an HIV test 6 months after your last encounter. 

He doesn't have HIV. Termites maybe.
Instead of lube, I bet he uses Pine Sol.
You never have to worry about hickeys, only splinters.
He'll never have to worry about not having wood, although he does have to keep the moss off the north side.

Suddenly Woodpecker has a completely different mental image.

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