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Heart It Or Hate It: Britney Spears "Work Bitch!" Leaks!!

Get out your headphones or find a club that's open because Britney's "Work Bitch!" has leaked and it's a club banger!

Who knows how long this link will work so listen while you can--though we have a feeling the track's going to be all over the radio today. Listen! 

We're curious though--how many times can you say "bitch" on the radio on a Sunday??


What do you think of Britney's latest, Instincters? 


I hate it, I think working with will i am was the worst decision her team has made ever!

It's okay not bad. I kinda liked it. I guess it's something that needs to grow on you I think!!

Now get to work BITCH!! Get it girl!!

Ha ha!  Reminds me of when Ace of Base explained in their home video how their competition would record one sample and repeat it 20 times.  This song embodies that very notion.  Horrible leak.

The song started off cool, but got old really fast.  Its one of those track that plays in the back ground that you kind of ignore.  Very boring song.

Only 20 years after RuPaul brought us "Supermodel" and its similar refrain.


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