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Gay College Student Disciplined After Reporting Roommate's Homophobic Knife Threat

So, you know, you're a college freshman and you get paired with a homophobic roommate who threatens you with a knife...and then you get in trouble with the university for reporting it.

Sounds about right. Perfectly normal.

Kansas City's FOX 4 News reports:

A freshman at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg said he was given a letter of discipline after reporting he was the victim of anti-gay harassment. 18-year-old Alex Worthley of Sedalia said his dormitory roommate threatened him with a knife because the other student didn’t like having a gay roommate.

“He was like, ‘I do have a knife and I’ll use it if I have to,’” said Worthley.

Worthley told FOX 4 that at one point he asked the roommate to turn down his music.

“And that’s when he repeated that and he was like ‘I don’t like gay people,’” Worthley said.

Worthley said he reported the threat to the Office of Student Housing. An investigator agreed to put the two students in separate dorm rooms, but Worthley said he was shocked when he received a letter of discipline just like his accuser.

“Made it feel like because I’m gay that it was my fault that those threats were made,” said Worthley.

FOX 4 obtained a copy of the discipline letter Worthley received which reads in part: “There seems to be a strong possibility that some of your own actions and comments were part of the reason this situation escalated from jesting to threatening.”

“It never said what I specifically did wrong to make him say these things,” complained Worthley.


How do you feel about the university's response, Instincters?


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Post the address of the person who signed the letter, along with their mailing address, and we can start a campaign for people to send little baggies of dog shit to them. 

we should post on their facebook

Done! :)

Done! :)

Accusing the victim for 'having a part' in the perpetrator's crime! How damned bass-ackward is this?! Where are the safe haven areas for threats and bullying such as this? I'd be unable to sleep with this knife-wielder in the same room, worried he'd get upset because I was sleeping in a threateningly gay way and injuring me somehow. Pathetic judgment on the part of the school to penalize the victim for this terrible behavior.

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