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Primal Instinct: Rugby Player (And LGBT Ally) Stuart Reardon Wants You To 'Scrum & Get It'!

We're loving these enlightened British rugby players! Ben Cohen's already been a vocal (and burly) ally and now rugby star Stuart Reardon's speaking out on his love for the gays in this feature and photo spread for Gay Times magazine!

GT writes: 

He loves the gays, hates Russia’s treatment of us and works with underprivileged kids. Rugby ace Stuart Reardon is like the Mother Theresa of Warrington - only with thighs that could crack a coconut under his wimple. Stuart talks to GT exclusively about rugby’s acceptance of homosexuality and he gives his opinion on the Winter Olympics question that’s on every gay athletes boycott or not to boycott?

“What’s happened over there is disgusting. But if you’ve been training for the last four years and you’re in a position where you could win a medal, you’re going to want to compete aren’t you? If I was a gay athlete I think it would send a stronger message to go. Being in the public eye, you have a wider opportunity to voice your opinion to a wider audience and send a positive message. That would make more of an impact than boycotting.” 

Whatever you say, Stuart. Totally agree. What he said. 


Image Source (H/T: Homorazzi)


wow......... great body........... what a move position

I would love to leave teeth marks on his ass.

Totally agree with comments.

Super Hot pics and guy ! Nice photography and sexy subject to photo shoot .... Last pic laying down with loose towel on his hiney is too hot for words ! 

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