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Teens Get Kicked Out Of McDonald's After Classy "Gay" Date

A pair of cheeky British chaps decided to class up a McDonald's in London for a romantic date--and got kicked out and banned from the establishment in the process! (No word on whether McDonald's kicked them out because they found the tablecloth and glassware or offensive or whether their reasons were more nefarious...we won't read into it--but you can!) 

Cameron Ford tweeted (and has since deleted): "Cheers to my beautiful boyfriend on our special night. Love you Adam"

Their date quickly caught the media's attention after their photos went viral, leading the teens to clarify that they're not actually gay. They were just having a laugh. 

Gay or straight,  we think this is pretty awesome.

What do you think of their stunt, Instincters?


romantic diner and Mac Donald's ? lol

Has no one else noticed that there are three names but two boys?

Um why do this in McDonalds? This is so stupid. People need to find better things to do with their time.

I think Awesome I'd love a date like that making a cheap date classy lol  

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I think its sweet, whether they meant for it to be or not.

Any little spotlight exposing intolerance has to help.

Make your next boy date Pizza Hut and I'll buy.

I must be missing something... If McDonald's or another restaurant kicked these kids out because they are gay - or were perceived to be gay - that would obviously be wrong and worthy of condemnation.

But, since they've since revealed that they are straight, I'm just wondering what was the point of this "stunt"? Was it to belittle the notion of gay teens on a date? Or, if it was meant to be supportive of their gay peers, it seems an odd way to go about it.

One of them ended his tweet: #worthit. I'd love to know what this was worth to him. In a world full of terrible anti-gay bias, violence and persecution -- pretending to be gay like this is silly and rude. But it could also be a dangerous thing to do.

I love it!!! But, they're really not gay, are they? Gay guys know you don't serve food directly on a plate charger! They're straight. I love the British and their cheeky good fun!

i hadnt noticed the charger! well spotted haha

Fcuk McDonalds and the nasty shit they serve.

I totally would buy that they weren't gay.  Only straight kids would eat off of plate chargers and think it was classy...

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