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UPDATE: Watch Swimmer Ian Thorpe Come Out As Gay In Australian TV Interview

Updated Sunday, 9:35 a.m. PST

As previously discussed, Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe came out as gay last night during an Australian television interview. 

Watch as he opens up publicly for the first time in these two clips:

Congratulations, Ian! Thoughts, Instincters?


Original Post

Talk of Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe's sexual orientation has regularly overshadowed discussion of his triumphs in the pool. That may no longer be the case now that Thorpe is officially coming out as a gay man in an interview airing tonight on Australian television. 

The Daily Telegraph reports:

After years of personal struggle, Olympic hero Ian Thorpe has bravely revealed he is gay.

The 31-year-old confirms his sexuality for the first time Sunday in an exclusive interview on Channel 10, telling all to veteran British interviewer Sir Michael Parkinson.

It’s understood the interview, which Parkinson has described as one of the best he has ever conducted, includes a full admission from Thorpe that he is gay despite having dated women in the past.

In the emotional sit-down shot last month, Thorpe also details the years of depression he has battled while denying his sexuality from the world. Part of that concealment included his own autobiography This Is Me, published in 2012, in which Thorpe wrote that he found questions about his sexuality hurtful.

What do you think of Thorpe's decision to come out of the closet after years of public denial?? 


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My HEART Sings for Ian, how amazing, so it took so long....On your side BUD!!!

Why all the comments about "Anonymous" posters? Can it just be people wanting to keep their identities private, especially if they're not "out" Also, what's to stop anyone from using fictitious names? Just ignore anonymous comments from trolls and move on.

Yes it is a shock but i really dont care wat sexuality ian thorpe is.

Another AIDS fag to spread his disease.

Another totally ignorant, bigoted comment.

Usually these comments with very homophobic/racist remarks come from internet trolls that do it just for the reaction. The more comments they generate by their remarks, the cooler they are. I think this is a good time to ask where are the admins of this site, and what do they do in these cases, because anonymous comments with homophobic and racial slurs appear on every single post. Anyway, good for the Thorpedo.

Coming out should not be news. Gay or straight, sexual preference should not be news. It's beyond ridiculous. Go live your life, homo or hetero. Why so much attention on sexuality and not other news worthy issues of the world? Appalling. 

Totally agree with you. The kind of sex any of us get shouldn't be of anyone's concern. I remember when I told my folks I was dating a guy, after I had chosen to divorce from my ex-wife. My dad simply came to me and told me he had no peace of mind ever since because he couldn't imagine what things another man and I were doing in bed. I was so taken aback I just told him that was pretty sick, as I never spent any of my time trying to imagine he and my mom fucking... and if he did that, imagining me and other guy in bed, he did have issues and should get professional help. He never mentioned that again...

Poor guy. Such a long road. At last though. 

Awesome! Still my hero!!! Even more so! Go Thorpe Go!

I find it appalling that there are some gay men here who don't seem to understand that every time a gay man comes out of the closet, it educates people in our society.  Interviews for celebrities and sports figures who come out, educates an even wider range of people in this world who have been taught that homosexuality is a choice.  We cannot judge why any of our own kind may have denied their sexuality for so long.  There are many reasons and we have to understand that.  I am just happy when one does decide in his or her own way that the time is right for them.  The more of us who come out, the more the world will realize it is just as natural to be homosexual as it is to be heterosexual.  It may take many generations until this is a universally accepted belief, but we have to start now. Thanks to Ian Thorpe and to the interviewer for making it public.  I wish him all the best and I feel he is in a much better place in his life now that he can live his truth.

Who gives a shit anymore? Why is this even a big deal when someone WHO HAS DENIED it for years and years finally tells the truth? doesnt even deserve an interview...what about all the average joes who actually represent the rest of us? where are their stories?

I find it appalling that this should be an issue.  Gay men lilve their lives.  It is only the militant queens who don't define me or many of my friends who find it important to "OUT" people.  Being gay is one part of who I am, and I'm sure, it's only part of who Ian Thorpe is.  To the rest of you 100% gay men who obsess about other people, GET A LIFE!

All the best to Thorpie, very very proud of him not just for coming out but for being one of our greatest Olympians. Em have to remember that he was 15 when we first laid eyes on him as an awesome swimmer. I hope now he can live his life in peace and find happiness beyond the pool.

So proud of him, no more hiding, you deserve to be happy  c",) keep safe and enjoy life Ian 

I think Ian has done the right thing, and I am always so very proud of anyone who finally finds themselves in the right place and time to come out.  He is exactly right about all the depression that comes with living in the closet and having to date girls and pretend to be straight.  It is such a travesty.  I applaud him, I am happy for him, and I can tell him from my own experience that he will be so much happier and free is hard to put into words how wonderful it its.  If we thought he was a terrific man before.... just see what all he will be able to accomplish now that he can be his true self.  Congratulations, Ian, and thank you for coming out and sharing your story.  You are a wonderful role model to others in the same boat.  More and more, our world is slowly learning that being gay is NOT a choice.  We are born with our sexual orientation.  It come as naturally to a gay man to be attracted to men as it does for a heterosexual man to be attracted to women.  They don't just up and decide one day they are attracted to women.  It happens naturally when their hormones kick in when they see a female just as our hormones as gay men kick in naturally one day when we see a man!!  I knew I was different at the age of 6, but I grew up in the 50's, 60's and 70's in a conservative environment.  There was no internet and I had no idea there were others like me in the world!  I got married and had a family because I thought that was the only way I could survive in this world.  I am now 65 and have been out for 10 years.  They have been the very best years of my life!!!!  I am happy for Ian that he can come out at an early age.  He will be a much better man for doing it!!!!

It's love!

Add another hottie to our team..........loved the torpedo for some time..........

We all have a coming out story. It's our story, we choose the time and place to say it. Good for him.

How many swimmers are still "in" ?
and about others sportsmen ?

Now maybe Michael Phelps will have the courage to come out.

Good for him,now he can relax and enjoy his life.It must have been very hard for him but I am glad 

he can now start to be really happy in himself.  Good Luck Ian.

Thank GOD. Life starts now. Have fun x

AWESOME!! Congrats Ian!! I only wish more celebs/athletes would come out and show the world they are not afraid to show that they are who they are and that 'Love is Love' no matter what!! Several have already and the world has not come to an end nor have their careers suffered or have they lost fans because of their sexual orientation!! 

Good for him. Anybody in the closet should come out in his own time and his own terms. It is hard to come out as it is but it is harder when you are an athlete, a celebrity or a famous personality. Coming out takes a lot of courage and a lot of risk. Congratulations Ian for your courage.

STFU, I'm shocked. I am as shocked when Johnny Weir and Brian Boitano came out. Jokes aside, it's a difficult thing to do. But hopefully, the next generations to follow will have better education and role models. So, congrats to Ian for having the strength of admission to accept himself! 

Everyone in THEIR own time. He doesn't owe the public anything and I hope he's happy in his skin.

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