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Hot Cop Of The Castro's First Shirtless Pics Hit The Internet!

Further proof that Oprah does indeed listen to our prayers arrived today in the form of the first shirtless pics of Officer Chris Kohrs, aka the "Hot Cop of the Castro." (Yes, these are the kind of things I pray for.)

Images taken by Steven Kyle Weller (which appear to be staged and professional) prove that our prayers, adoration and THE WAIT was completely 100 percent worth it:

You're welcome!

(h/t: Queerty)


He is not all that.....there are plenty of hot ties out there.

I wish he was secure enough about himself to wear a speedo on the beach---oh! That's right. He could get arrested in Kentucky! LOL

At first glance I thought he was hot. In uniform, he's stunning. But there are a ton of shirtless pics of this guy all over the internet. These particular pics are very staged. As an everyday guy on the street who doesn't realize he's attractive, that's very appealing. But if he's as self absorbed as he seems, it is really not an attractive trait. 

And that LV belt is the final deal breaker. A narcissistic fashionista is gross. 

really? I've seen better. are people really this desperate?

San Francisco may be "gay Mecca" but it has a vicious, homophobic police department.  This guy would probably kill any of you guys if you came onto him in person  I remember when gays had to organize and politically mau-mau the city government for protection because the police refused to act while we were being murdered in the streets.  Dan White was their hero for murdering Harvey Milk.  I moved away twenty-two years ago, in part because of the awful police department.  I wouldn't lower myself to spit on a San Francisco policeman.

Looks like you're stuck in the past my gay brother. These days we are the police. I saw those days when I first came out at work at the NYPD. Fifteen years later, the NYPD was recruiting at the Gay Pride Festival. I'm not saying that it is like that everywhere, smaller departments are still in the Dark Ages.

then you are no better than they were when you lived there. I lived in SF from 1995 to 1999 and never experienced any issues with the police whom I had to interact many times....your post above tells me you are stuck in the past, where sadly so many people never escape. Times have changed.....and change begins with you. I am sorry for how you were treated, but that was then and this is now. it's entirely different now...

By your logic as a Jew, I should never visit Germany...because of what happened there over 65 years ago...and that is just wrong on so many levels.

I understand what happend when you lived here left deep scars for you (and rightly so)...

But realize that things have changed....

And please dont let the actions of a few jade you and keep you from seeing that san francisco is a beautiful city....

Food for thought: "if everything surrounding the death of Harvey milk had not happened just the way it did, then san francisco might not have enacted the legislation needed to try to protect gay rights".....everything happens for a reason "and harvey milk should be seen as a martyr who died fighting for what he believed in and NOT as a victim"

That having been said:

I spoke to this officer when he was working with the castro construction project...

He is very nice...

Each of us has our own taste in guys and girls. To some he may the hottest man in the world. To others he is nothing special. For myself is okay, I would not throw him out of bed, however he is not my ideal man.

Dime a dozen.

My friend dated him. He is an a-hole. He slept with a lot of girls and he has a small penis.

I'm so happy we were enlightened with your friends opinion. 

Said friend also said something about "Bloody Mary" while drinking pop rocks and soda together.

This versus the Jeremy Meeks hot felon that the internet was abuzz over the past few weeks? Officer Kohrs FTW.

Sorry he's not that hot. He's ok but not that hot. He might be hot for some but there are those who find other qualities just as hot. 

See, if they all looked like that, I would be created crimes just to be hand cuffed and stripped search.. I'm just saying... 

I bet he's tasty..!

So what---nothing special about this guy OR his physique




Seriously?!? Baggage and pitifully low self esteem much. And that has nothing to do with whether I like officer Khors or not!

And it's bitchy little queens like you who are the worst of the gay community

I have to agree with this. Bitchy, nelly little queens that have nothing to say unless it can be used in a sound-bite to make them sound cool are the majority of what makes many people hate our community. It does not matter what you ever put on the internet, there will always be people that say "so what" or "I'm better" ect.....I guess it helps them feel better about themselves.

Oh Lord, he can arrest me and they can put me with him on a jail and put the key i dont know where! LOL

Some queens just can't be pleased... Like the old saying goes: your either a size queen or a liar! 

This guy is just a good human being and he keeps us safe, so that makes him unbelievably handsome to me! 

These are candid shots. I am sure a professional photographer could really highlight his excellent physique. In a couple pictures you can see his washboard abs, and those powerful biceps. He is an exceptionally handsome well built man. These pictures just don't do him justice. We are spoiled by having so many hunky models professionally photographed and available on the internet that we cannot even relate to just some candid shots. Those who are giving him disdain, do you really have a body this beautiful? A face this all-american handsome, that it gives you the "rank" to degrade this guy? Bitchy gays at their best.

^^^^This guy right here. It's amazing how gays pick apart people. Makes me feel a little less bad when it happens to me. This guy is incredibly attractive and I doubt many of these commenting would by happy to compete against him in a hot body contest. 

I'm sure this guy is just killing himself because a bunch of anonymous queens on Instinct's comment boards are saying he's not all that hot. These comments say more about the posters than they do about the cop.

I would fuk him

I think it's his face that doesn't do it for me personally. He is a good looking guy, just def not 'hot' to me. Why are we making this guy famous btw? Seems like there are thousands of hotter and nicer cops with better stories. Just sayin

Oh, shut up. Seriously.



You all are cra-cra...this man is sooo hot.  And he seems to be so nice,  that just makes him even hotter.  Well defined mind and body! Oh yeah!!!

I'm with you! I guess there is no accounting for taste....but this guy is HOTTTT....Wonder if there are any minor laws I could break, just to be frisked or spread-eagled on the hood of the cop's car? LOL ;)

Where is the hot cop? I see someone muscular and kind of vapid looking. Both enormous turn-offs to me.

Is he gay ?

He is so much hotter with the uniform and hat on. Pass!

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