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Clint Eastwood's Surprisingly Hot Son Goes Shirtless For Fashion Shoot

Phew. We were worried Clint Eastwood's incredible film career would be left in the dust with a legacy that only remembers him for curmudgeonly rambling at an empty chair. Nope, now the Republican Convention gaffe can finally be erased from our memories and replaced with something much more palatable: Clint's surprisingly gorgeous son Scott Eastwood, who ditches his shirt in a new fashion spread for Town & Country.

Patrick Schwarzenegger now has some healthy competition in the "Who Would You Rather: Sons Of Famous Aging Actors" edition!

(Via Buzzfeed)


He is gorgeous. I hope he doesn't talk to furniture though.

he looks just like his Dad at that age!!!....

He is gorgeous...look at those baby blues...yum!

Anyone who has ever seen photos of Clint as a young man – not to mention photos of Scott's Mom – isn't surprised at all. 

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