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"Are Black Men Really Bigger?"

The latest in the YouTube series "The More You Know About Black People," the cast of "Dear White People" tackles one of the biggest stereotypes (pun intended) out there!

From the video's description: 

Black men have small penises. Black men have big penises. Black men have penises of all sizes. Because they're people. Crazy, right!?

The team behind Dear White People presents this tasty PSA to help everyone tackle stereotypes head on.



I find not only the topic of Dear White People but the fact that it's given internet real estate here as well a silly insult to all people that are capable of logical thought.

That said, I have had sex with several black men and mixed race men, as well as white men.  Mole hills and mountains all around folks.

i Agree baby and as i said before a Big dick is a big dick no matter the color or mixed Color.

Dear Black People... Stop being obnoxious wit all this BS

I am really starting to be over all this Dear White People Shit. I mean, is it not insulting??? Or I guess generalizing all white people is ok.  I know it's a film and this and that... But Damn where ever I look people are just coming for me... HAHAHAHAHAH

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