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HIV+ Porn Stars, Rod Daily & Cameron Bay, Plead For Condoms To Be Required In Porn

Adult film stars Rod Daily and Cameron Bay, who are in a relationship and both recently tested positive for HIV, pleaded with the porn industry on Wednesday to require condom usage in scenes.

Daily's and Bay's HIV-positive diagnosis resulted in two filming moratoriums this summer. The most recent will be lifted on Friday.

The couple spoke openly during a press conference organized by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

Metro UK reports: 

Cameron Bay and Rod Daily fought back tears at a Hollywood press conference as they spoke of their distress at learning they were infected. They joined a wave of adult actors to be diagnosed with the virus this summer, which prompted a halt on production on many US porn film sets.

Daily, 32, criticized industry bosses for failing to promote safe sex, saying: ‘Ultimately, it’s a business, and their main concern is money and not their performers.’

His partner, 29, said she felt naive to have trusted industry sex infection tests, which performers are required to have every 14 days.

But she said many actors felt they would struggle to find work if they asked for condoms.

‘I learned there’s always someone younger and sexier, willing to do something you’re not,’ she said.

‘I think we need more choices because of that. Condoms should be a choice.’


(*Editors note: HIV testing has only recently become required every 14 days; prior to the moratorium it was every 28 days.)

Daily and Bay were joined by fellow porn performer Patrick Stone and another unnamed performer participated over the phone. 

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation played a large role in the passage of Los Angeles County's Measure B, which will require condom usage on porn film sets in Los Angeles County.

AHF President Michael Weinstein praised the performers for speaking out, saying: "Four performers stepping forward in this very heated environment – it takes an enormous amount of courage."

What do you think of their decision to speak out, Instincters?

Do you agree that condoms should be required in porn? Will the industry hear their pleas?


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If someone is going to do porn, they better go in with their eyes open factoring for everything from STDs to whatever stigma they may face for doing it.  I'm sure there are some decent studios but I'm sure most are questionable but they also have to realize that if they don't take care of their performers (ie only hire clean ones) there won't be anyone left to perform.  Condoms do break.

They are not victims - they had and still have the choice to not do scenes without condoms. People like this are eternal victims, nothing is EVER their fault. Everyone could be making more money somehow, but the law or our morals keep us from doing it - they need to grow up and be accountable for their choices.

Of course not.  Ultimately, it is up to the individual to draw the line and say no.  Rod Daily and Cameron Bay led risky lifestyles.  If they felt unsafe, they should have stopped it!  It is so much easier to blame someone else for our mistakes.  No matter, the porn industry isn't going to require condom usage.

With that, I will say that I am sorry for them.  It is a sad, sad thing.

I thought it was always a requirement? All the porn I've watched, whether guy on guy, guy on girl, or 2 guys and one girl, I've seen all the actors wearing a condom unless they are doing a facial or a pearl necklace.

No. Hell no.

a requirement?! That's telling people what to do with their own bodies. Fuck that. You can't tell me these people didn't know they were at risk. Porn or not, if you have unprotected sex, YOU'RE AT RISK for hiv or any other std. In this day and age, everyone knows that.

This seems contrived.

this seems like it was thought up by "mainstream" porn producers who are having trouble competing with more independent bareback porn producers. Bareback porn is hotter. It's more spontaneous and, the truth hurts but, MORE REALISTIC.

this is just an attempt to outlaw bareback porn because condom porn can't compete. AND/OR, it is an attempt to tell people what they can and can't do with their own bodies. Both really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Yes, the industry should protect their performers like any other industry. But with that said, Daily and Bay both admitted they likely caught HIV in their personal time off set. Which means they were taking part in unsafe sex practices when they were not working. I have a feeling the most strict amount of over-site and regulation on the porn industry would have not protected these two from contracting HIV since they themselves were already taking part in unsafe sex off set. In this case contracting HIV was a consequence of their poor judgement and not the studios fault.

they should (also) be required to use pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) using a medication like Truvada.

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