Straight/Gay 'Zankie' Showmance Leaves 'Big Brother' Star Zach w/ A Boner?

We've talked in detail about the Zankie/Zrankie showmance/bromance on Big Brother, but is this straight/gay love fest moving beyond platonic flirtation?

Recent Vine clips posted by fans show straight Zach exiting a late-night cuddle session with Frankie with a boner that makes us think there may be more to their story....


Or it could just be an innocent case of morning (late night??) wood? What do you think, Instincters?

(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Look at all the bi-erasure going on here. It's not an either/or thing. Sexuality is a spectrum. Maybe Zach prefers women, but that doesn't mean all men are off the table. Has anyone heard the things he says to Frankie? "Let's practice making out? If we lived together, it'd be over--I'd be gay?" Also, he clearly has an erection/semi looking at his shorts and I think it'd be a much bigger wet spot if he were wetting the bed. I think he's just covering his bases by peeing/multi-tasking. I don't think his purpose for being there was just to pee.

He's a bed wetter. 

he either had a wet dream or started to wet the bed. there's a longer video that shows him going to the bathroom and then going to change his underwear after waking up. 

Now they both won HOH. God only knows what's going to go on in that HOH bed!


The clip is a little deceptive. If you watch the clip from the live feed, he's getting up from being asleep and he's going to the bathroom. It's basically just morning/late night wood. They weren't even cuddling at the time. That said...I think their relationship is super cute and sweet.

I think it's super cute.

may it was just a wet dream he was having while in bed with him

That's way too big of a wet spot to be pre-cum. He wet the bed.

Are u all watching a different video than me 

one is just a guy walking thru 4second 

Another video is 6 seconds of 2 guys in bed. 1 taps other on back 

Look at the crotch!!

For those asking. The show is Big Brother (US Version). The third guy in bed is Cody Calafiore. Nothing happened, they were all sleeping in the same bed (like they do almost every night). Absolutely love Zach and Frankie's Relationship/Friendship!!!

Any guy here would know especially if your a heavy leaker/precummer (like myself) when waking up in the middle of the night hard, morning wood or anytime  you have a hardon at that you tend to have a wet spot from the precum.. Wether he was turned on, or not most likely since I am a heavy precummer and no matter when i get hard I get wet spots this is most likely the case.

HOT!  I'm still curious as to who the third guy in bed is.

Uh it's so obvious he precums a lot this isn't anything new people....SOMETHING is going on there he's too cute to be straight

haven't seen this show. what's w the 3 guys in the bed? and what happened in this scene? thnx.

maybe he had to take a wizz. so what.

He peed his pants. Classic bed wetter. Ugh.

Yeah, this seems pretty (not pun intended) straight forward.  He got his dick 'mouthed' through his shorts, got some wood and the for whatever reason got up and left.  Wet spot is saliva from the other guy.  Pretty standard gateway BJ.  LOL

Yes, I think Frankie is flamboyant, and in that flamboyance it eases the minds of straight people and does, IMO, perpetuate a stereotype that, thankfully, is in a minority of the gay population.  

I say this as a 50-year old gay man, so I'd hope my experience counts for something.  Calling someone "flamboyant" is not a pejorative so I wonder what all the fuss is about?  Frankie is not my type, nor is Zach.  I have different tastes, leaning to the more realistic side of the male physique. 

By the way, hasn't anyone heard of a piss hard-on?  That's when the male is holding his urine for so long that an erection arises, and the wet spot may be a result of this.

No straight dude I know would ever get hard being near a gay dude. It's just a repulsive turn off!

You don't have to be a prick about the fact that you actually like to suck dick, Mr. Anon.


Your Dad must be gay then

So, you are trying to say that you only get hardons around straight guys?...

Says the tard-lick with reality issues...<shakes head>

I had no ideal so many people watched Big Brother.

Really?   On Face Book alone the show has over 3 million followers.   Last Tuesday 6.2 million watched.  

He's gay. A straight dude is NOT going to get hard from another dude. Zach isn't even trying to pursue women in the house. I'm sure his little bot is real proud of him now. NOT! 

 And Frankie is a flamer. 


Oh dear, another biology lesson needed... Of course a straight man can get hard from another dude. Just as gay men can get hard from women. Just add anyone can get hard from the motions of a bus. It is a physiological reaction from stimulus, doesn't matter where that stimulus comes from.

People, hey? Sheesh!

I've gotten hard from a particularly bumpy busride.

I find it a little sad that the only place where I read negative frankly homophobic things about Frankie is from other Gay men on sites like Instinct.  Did we really fight this battle for equality so that we could just become the macho worshipping cretins who harassed us all in our youth?  Have we come all this way so that the only acceptable way to be Gay is put on Bro' drag and watch sports?  Frankie is such a positive role model for all of us.  He's made friends with every single person in that house through the shear force of his positive energy and yes his flaming flamboyant personality. He's won over the two reputed homophobes Cody and Caleb, he's friends with the backwoods rube and the born again Christian zealot.  And on top of it, Zach a guy who self identifies as straight has essentially fallen in love with him.  Yes the All American straight Bro fell for the nelly showtune queen.  I think all the bitches on this comment thread are ust jealous. 

it could be just a morning boner and he was half asleep and went and took a piss and didn't shake it well.. we can read into it whatever we want.

What do we think happened?

Ok, first off, lay off the hate for Frankie, he's just being himself and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Fact is, most people aren't as confident in being who they are as Frankie is; so back off the lad.

As for the possibility (and circumstantial evidence appears to confirm it) that they may have hooked up; who cares? Let them have their fun. They're both consenting adults doing whatever it is they're doing, why is this an issue? I personally know men who enjoy having their wives "do them" with an attachment (trying to be PG here), does that make them gay? Hardly, it just means they like what they like. Granted, I suspect Frankie's a big o'le bottom and good for him.......and if he's a top, good for him again.

Point is, stop playing the shocked card and let go of the pearls because, as I mentioned to commenter Pete, you'll break the strand from all that clutching.


Okay the tell tale bulge and wet spot indicate he was hard and either came or is a very heavy leaker.  Big deal, if they are involved...sexually or otherwise.  They are human beings, who experience human is not gender specific, so I just don't get what the big deal is all about.  It wouldn't be the first time someone hooked up on one of these shows.  It's 2014 seriously just get over it already.  

/\  THIS /\

guys are guys it gets hard it's gonna leak,  mine is like a damn faucet, no big deal ?


Wow! He not only has a boner, but a jizz spot, as well!!! Kinky!!!

It is what it is...Maybe someone is discovering a side to himself he thought never existed.  Either way, I experienced a Bromance and although confusing, it is what it is...

Frankie is not my type. But I think he really is a nice guy.I agree if we don't want other people judging us we have to stop judging and hating too.

It is what it is!!! Who are any of us to judge. The only thing I see coming out of this is the friendship between the to of them getting messed up cause everyone is make a big deal about it!!!!

Ratings, ratings, ratings...that is all! BTW...would love to snuddle with both at the same time!

Oh for fucks sake! You gay folk just need to settle the fuck down. So he's got wood. Big fucking deal. So he's "straight"...big fucking there might be something more going on...GREAT!  Calm the fuck down

Absolutely spot on, Sir. Gay folk here, and indeed, what's the big deal? I long for the day when it's just not even worth mentioning. Retract claws.

Ummm... Pete, I think the only one that needs to "calm the fuck down" here, is you. You seem very angry... are you alright? take a deep breath and count to 10. Release...

Careful Pete, clutch those pearls any tighter and you'll break the strand.

Anyone else notice the huge wetspot on his shorts where that boner is pointing?

Maybe the wet spot is just mouthwash that he spilled ROFL


#BB16 is the best season yet! Frankie is fun. Why are ya'll be so judgemental!? He's not everyone's type however he is someone's. If we can't be nice to those within our own community how do we expect others to be nice and accepting of us!

BBUK is way better and the two gay guys in there are hooking up in the open with the encouragement of the whole nation

I have no problem getting a straight man hard. That's just the way men are they get hard with the wind blowing. If you get a boner your mind is telling you it feels good not that you are gay.

Being gay is not a sexual encounter but if you desire men then you are gay. If a woman has sex with another woman is she gay or just having a sexual encounter.

I think what difference does it make ? He could be straight , he could be Bi sexual and still figuring it all out , maybe this time with him will help him to do that better . Maybe he has never even known this about himself , and it took the right guy to discover it ...Obviously he likes the kid . We all figure these things out in time , some faster than others , some slower . One can feel a sexual attraction to the same gender and not be necessarily gay . Some guys have experienced a friendship so strong with someone of the same sex that it becomes a type of emotional love , even though the person identifies as straight . To many lines are always being drawn as far as labels are concerned . So when he says he is straight , who am i to argue it ?  .. If he discovers something about himself in this experience , well , good for him .. I think we should just be grateful for people who can care about others and love , rather than hate and killing all the time . We have enough of that going on in the world at the moment .

Why does CBS or other networks always have t represent the Gay community with a flamer? It really pisses me off because not all of us are like that. Guys/Girls like Frankie make me sick. Pick a gay guy that is built like Devin, me. I would love to go on that show

Girl, you need to love yourself more.

Why the name calling!? He is who he is and he owns it! More power to him. He's not my type however he's someone's type. And I think he's great just the way he is. It's hard to expect others to accept those within the LGBTQ community if you can't!

If you want acceptance for yourself try accepting others. What's it to you how someone acts on a stupid TV show?

He Is Who He Is Why Do We Need Hate With In Our On Community ? We Are All Different So Get Off Your HIGH HORSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting an erection does not mean you want to use it. Cut the straight boy some slack.

They probably were told to exaggerate the flirtation... it is part of the 

Some of us are naturally flamboyant and love attention.but some straight people are the same way. Yes Zach is straight but he said frankie is one of the genuine people he's met. Problem will be when Zach goes home and people start harassing him . Will he still be friends with frankie.

He's got wood and a wet spot... He came in his pants or it's just leftovers....

Umm... Biology lesson needed. There's a much more obvious third option: pre-cum. It happens when you get excited, and needs no initiation.

Highly unlikely to be anything else.

Zach did say on Sunday's show, "I'll bang you" to Frankie. 

Jason that's what I was about to say...someone left the room happy lol

I agree that Zach is hot but Frankie angers me in his flamboyance as he perpetuates stereoytypes and lives for the live feeds of the show. He is narcissistic and a camera attetion whore. Zach is being friendly for some reason but be honest Zach is straight so let the pretending that he is anything else stop. When we project onto straight people we give them ammunition,, rightly so.

Frankie is not perpetuating a stereotype, he is being himself. Judge much?

Im jealous, cuz id jump on Zach boner in a hot minute!

Id say theres more.

Zach is hot!! Frankie is not!! I can't believe that Zach would even do the stuff he does with Frankie!!

Anyone else notice the wet spot on his pants?

I love seeing that! Yeah unh huhh, that turns me on! Mmmmm, mmmmmm!

Ummm can we talk about the giant wet spot on his shorts for a minute......

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