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Cher Apologizes--Kinda--For Ripping Miley's VMA Performance

Cher sort of apologized for basically ripping Miley Cyrus's MTV Video Music Awards performance to shreds in her interview with USA Today. The iconic diva took to Twitter, saying:

What did you think of Cher's apology, Instincters? Was she right to make it?


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sigh. no apoplogy is needed. Miley claimed herself pushing boundary for art, but she's just a terrible singer and dancer throughout that entire VMA stripping act. We have eyes for that.

The reason why we're still talking about it is because she used to be our favourite all-american-girl, and also she has very good publicist to help her out. 

But miley, if you still wanna stay in spotlight after years, u gotta have what it takes beside stripping and creating headlines, u have to be an artist. Focus on ur singing i'd say.

CLASSY lady. I agreed with her first comments, and this is not an apology to Miley; this is her checking herSELF. Who does that?! Someone classy.

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